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Faculty of Humanities and Education

Department of Language, Linguistics and Literature


Dr. Jason Siegel

Dr. Jason Siegel

Research Fellow, Lexicography

Director, Richard & Jeannette Allsopp Centre for Caribbean Lexicography

Department: LLL


A native of the US, Dr Siegel is a specialist in Caribbean Lexicography. An avid learner of languages, Dr Siegel speaks the four major official languages of the Caribbean: English, French, French Creole, and Spanish. In addition to his work on lexicography, he has also published on translation, creolistics, language & gender and sociolinguistics. Additionally, he was the Chair of the Local Organising Committee for the Dictionary Society of North America’s first conference off the mainland, held in Barbados in 2017. His goal is to promote and standardise lexicography across the region, encouraging the development of multilingual resources and engagement with one’s own language community.


Ph.D., Indiana University, 2014

M.A., Indiana University, 2008

A.B. (summa cum laude), Middlebury College, 2006

Research Areas

Dr Siegel’s academic work focuses on Caribbean French and French Creoles, along with Bajan. He is especially interested in the role of the user and society in the making of dictionaries. His current manuscripts are on language contact and dictionaries for the upcoming Cambridge Handbook of the Dictionary and the responsibility that lexicographers have to the most vulnerable members of society. His ongoing lexicographic work is principally on the French of St Barth and the French Creole of French Guiana.

Teaching Areas

Lexicography, Creole languages, Sociolinguistics

Select Publications

Siegel, Jason F. (2019). “Creating Regional Norms: A Mission for Caribbean Lexicography” Dictionaries 40(2). pp. 171-200.

Siegel, Jason F. (2018/19). “Spotlighting French Guianese Multilingualism in a Creole Graphic Novel: Translation Strategies in Lavantir Mèt Dòkò”. Revue transatlantique d’études suisses 8/9. pp. 263-81.

Siegel, Jason F. (2018). “Lexicography in the French Caribbean: An Assessment of Future Opportunities”. in Jaka Čibej, Vojko Gorjanc, Iztok Kosem and Simon Krek (eds.) Proceedings of the XVIII EURALEX International Congress: Lexicography in Global Contexts. Ljubljana: Ljubljana University Press, Faculty of Arts. pp. 619-27.

Bogle, Desrine, Ian Craig and Jason F. Siegel (eds). (2016). Special issue of Translation and Translanguaging in Multilingual Contexts 2(2).

Valdman, Albert, Anne-José Villeneuve, & Jason F. Siegel. (2015). “On the influence of the standard norm of Haitian Creole on the Cap Haïtien dialect: evidence from sociolinguistic variation in the third person singular pronoun.” Journal of Pidgin & Creole Languages 30:1. pp. 1-43.

Siegel, Jason F. (2010) “Decreolization: A Critical Review”. IULC Working Papers 9: Languages in Contact. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Linguistics Club. pp. 83-98.


Caribbean lexicography, dictionary use, French Creoles, critical lexicography, Creole linguistics, dialectology, normativity, vernacular lexicography

Department of Language, Linguistics and Literature
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