Cultural Studies

Requirements for the Minor in Cultural Studies (Undergrad)

For the Minor in Cultural Studies (Undergrad programme only), students will be required to take six (6) courses for eighteen (18) credits.

Level I

1. CLTR1100 Culture and Identity

Level II

2. CLTR2500 Introduction to Caribbean Cultural Studies

3-4. And any two of the following courses:
CLTR2000 Approaches to the Study of Culture
CLTR2010 Global Media and Caribbean Culture
CLTR2050 Aspects of Brazilian Culture II
CLTR2100 Festivals, Rituals and Caribbean Society
CLTR2401 Popular Culture and Consciousness in 20th Century South Africa
CLTR2402 Caribbean Intellectual Traditions
CLTR2405 Religion and Ritual in Contemporary Africa
LITS2403   Caribbean Popular Culture I
Level III

5. CLTR3100 Theorising Caribbean Culture

6. And one of the following courses:
CLTR3101 Race, Nationalism and Culture
CLTR3102 Exhibiting Culture
CLTR3103 Black Popular Culture
CLTR3110 The Sacred Arts of the Black Atlantic
LITS3405    Caribbean Popular Culture II
HIST3302   South Africa: Cultural History

Cultural Studies
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