Cultural Studies

The MA in Cultural Studies

The MA degree is a taught Masters that is offered on a full-time or part-time basis. The programme requires both coursework and a research component.

Entry Requirements
General entry requirements to graduate degree programmes apply.

Course of Study
Students must successfully complete 35–37 credits (depending on the choice of elective) for the MA programme. These credits will be acquired through 5 courses (4 core and 1 elective) and a research paper or project.

Research Component
Upon completion of their Coursework (particularly CLTR 6100), candidates should submit to the Coordinator of the Cultural Studies Programme a research proposal which includes:

(i) The Title;
(ii) Rationale
(iii) Literature Survey
(iv) Research Questions/Focus and
(v) Description of investigative procedures for research study.

Once the proposal has been approved, a Supervisor will be appointed to guide the candidate in his/her research.
For the research component, candidates will have the option of the following: presenting their findings in the form of a research paper, undertaking an internship in an organisation, or presenting their findings in the form of a project.

Research Paper
The research paper is worth 12 credits and must be 15,000 words in length, exclusive of bibliography and footnotes.

Internship - Cultural Industry Critique/Investigation
Candidates are required to document the process and product of their assignment.

Candidates can present their findings as follows: as performance, as a documentary, or as video/film. Other formats can be employed, subject to the approval of the supervisor.

Full-time candidates must complete these requirements within fifteen (15) months of the start of the programme. Part-time candidates will have twenty-four (24) months in which to complete the requirements for the degree.

For the award of the degree with distinction the candidate must pass all courses at first sitting and attain an average mark in all written courses of at least 70%. The candidate must also achieve a mark of 70% or over in the Research Paper.
CLTR 6000 Theory and Conceptualisation of Culture (4 credits)
CLTR 6010 Debates in Caribbean Cultural Identity (4 credits)
CLTR 6030 Dynamics of Caribbean Culture (8 credits) – two-semester course
CLTR 6100 Methods of Inquiry in Cultural Studies (4 credits)
CLTR 6990 Research Paper (12 credits)

Electives (3, 4 or 5 credits)
ARTS 6001 Theorising Caribbean Art (3 credits)
CLTR 6250 Caribbean Cultural Diasporas (4 credits)
CLTR 6200 Language and Culture (4 credits)
CLTR 6201 Caribbean Multilingual Lexicography (4 credits)
CLTR 6230 Caribbean Popular and Creative Culture (4 credits)
CLTR 6270 Under Western Eyes: Rethinking Cultural Hegemony in Caribbean Gender Relations (4 credits)
GEND 7101 Feminist Epistemology and Methodology (3 credits)
GEND 7010 Advanced Feminist Theory (6 credits) - two semester course
GEND 7020 Issues in Caribbean Feminism and Gender Relations (3 credits)
HIST 6302 Nation Building in Western and Central Africa (3 credits)
HIST 6711 History and Caribbean Heritage (5 credits)
HIST 6810 Cultural Resource Management for Heritage Sites (5 credits)
HIST 6802 Reading Material Culture (5 credits)

Cultural Studies
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