Cultural Studies

The Diploma in Cultural Studies

The Diploma in Cultural Studies fills the need for partnership between UWI and the wider Caribbean community in a specific
way thereby strengthening the role of the university in answering the needs of individuals active in cultural agencies, in creating or administering policy, or in the arts. It provides a bridge between the undergraduate offerings and the graduate MA programme and research degrees in Cultural Studies currently offered on the three campuses.

The Diploma provides a preliminary tool for processing and understanding the myriad issues surrounding the study of culture broadly, and Caribbean culture more specifically. It is a teaching tool which offers certification for those involved in the field of culture, some of whom are experts in their own right, and who are seeking university certification. It seeks to afford these interested individuals the opportunity to explore a wide array of cultural expressions as they are manifested within the Caribbean and beyond. The Diploma also offers exposure to theoretical frameworks in Cultural Studies and affords an analysis of the significance of Caribbean culture to development, planning and policy making.

Upon completion of this programme, students will be able to:
  1. Analyse key dimensions of culture.
  2. Examine a wide array of cultural expressions as they are manifested within the Caribbean and its Diaspora.
  3. Examine perspectives from seminal written, creative and artistic works in the field.
  4. Collaborate and network with cultural workers and artists.
  5. Enhance and interpret their cultural products using the benefit of the scholarly process.
  6. Utilise the techniques of cultural analysis in developing frameworks for examining the dynamics within Caribbean culture.
  7. Undertake higher level graduate studies in culture.

Cultural Studies
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