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Faculty of Culture, Creative and Performing Arts


PhD in Cultural Studies

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About the Programme

The discipline of Cultural Studies seeks to understand the complexity of culture and its political uses. The central aim of the postgraduate programme in Cultural Studies is to promote the discipline at UWI as an important area of study and research and, by so doing, to stimulate academic discourse and promote a deeper understanding of Caribbean culture and identity.

What Will I Study?

Students will:
  • Study and document the historical range and diversity of Caribbean peoples and their cultures.
  • Examine the many facets of Caribbean cultural expression in an interdisciplinary context and from a variety of theoretical perspectives.
  • Explore the relationships between Caribbean culture and the social and political developments of the region.
  • Analyse the uses and abuses of the Caribbean’s cultural heritage in the economic development of the region and its people.
  • Promote the study of nation and identity as defined by cultural history.
  • Critique the formation and existence of gender hierarchies in the Caribbean and its impact on Caribbean culture.


The research interests of our class include Caribbean cultural thought, African Diaspora Studies, African diaspora religious cultures and spiritualities, Migration, Diaspora and Transnational Identities, Caribbean Popular Culture, and Africana social and political thought.

Career Opportunities

Career choices for Cultural Studies graduates include the following fields:
  • University lecturers
  • Cultural Policy practitioners
  • Archivists
  • Curators
  • Teachers
  • Journalists
  • Editors
  • Entrepreneurs

Why Study in Barbados

Students have the unique ability to study Caribbean culture within the Caribbean, drawing on the resources of the UWI which collectively constitutes the premier place for the study of the Caribbean in the Anglophone world today.

Additional Information

Full-time PhD candidates must complete the requirements for the degree within five (5) calendar years of the start of the programme. Part-time PhD candidates have up to seven (7) years to complete the same requirements.

At a Glance

  • Degree Level: Postgraduate
  • Qualification: MPhil/PhD
  • Duration: Full-time 5 years, Part-time 7 years


Programme Details

For the award of the PhD Cultural Studies degree, students are required to successfully complete 16 credits of compulsory courses—including CLTR 6030, 3 research seminars and a research thesis as outlined below:
I. Compulsory Courses (16 credits)
CLTR6030     Dynamics of Caribbean Culture (8cr) – two-semester course
CLTR 6000 Theory & Conceptualisation of Cul. (4 cr)
CLTR 6100 Methods of Inquiry in Cultural Studies (4cr)
II. Research Seminars (3 compulsory seminars)
GRSM 8001 PhD Research Seminar 1
GRSM 8002 PhD Research Seminar 2
GRSM 8003 PhD Research Seminar 3
III. PhD Thesis
CLTR 8000 PhD Cultural Studies

Student tuition fees can be found on the School for Graduate Studies and Research website. Visit

Applications are accepted from November to June, for entry in August, which marks the commencement of the academic year. However, expressions of interest are accepted all year.

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