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Faculty of Culture, Creative and Performing Arts

Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions

Components of the Course code: Each course is assigned an alphanumeric code. The first four letters of the code indicate the subject area e.g. DANC is a Dance course. This is followed by four digits - the first number indicates the level – 1 for level one, 2 for level two and 3 for level three for undergraduate courses and 6 for graduate courses.  Example:THEA1000 is a Level I Theatre course.

Prerequisites are courses that must be completed prior to registering for a given course.  Students will be unable to register for a course where the prerequisite requirement has not been satisfied.

Credit hours:  Courses are worth either 3 or 6 credits.  The number of credit hours for each course is indicated in (parenthesis) next to the course name. Courses that are weighted 6 credits, are year-long and must be done in both semesters in the same academic year, with first registration in semester I.  Students must register for the course in both semesters of the academic year.

Undergraduate Course Descriptions:
CLTR - Cultural Studies
COCR - Co-Curricular Courses
DANC  - Dance
FILM - Motion Arts
HUMN - History, Theory and Criticism
MUSC - Music
THEA - Theatre Arts


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