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Faculty of Culture, Creative and Performing Arts


Department of Cultural Studies

Cultural Studies
The Department of Cultural Studies offers the BA Caribbean Studies (also with Minors), the Minor in Caribbean Studies, at the undergraduate level and at the graduate level, the MA, MPhil, PhD and postgraduate Diploma in Cultural Studies

Cultural Studies is a discipline that seeks to understand the complexity of culture and its political uses.  Through the introduction of the postgraduate programme in Cultural Studies it promotes the discipline at UWI as an important area of study and research and, by so doing, stimulates academic discourse and promote understanding of Caribbean culture and identity.


Department of Creative and Performing Arts


The Department of Creative and Performing Arts, formerly Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination (EBCCI) provides creative academic training in the arts, primarily in dance, film and theatre and music. The Department offers the Bachelor of Fine Arts, and the Bachelor of Arts, providing an exploration into the practical and theoretical concept in the arts in the Caribbean context, with international perspectives. 

At the graduate level the Department offers the Master of Arts in Creative Arts.

The EBCCI is now a unit under the Department with responsibility for facility rentals and events.

Faculty of Culture, Creative and Performing Arts
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