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Faculty of Culture, Creative and Performing Arts

Department of Creative and Performing Arts


BA Music with Education

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About the Programme

NEW PROGRAMME. This programe is scheduled to begin August 2021. 

The programme is designed to prepare critically engaged students to work within schools and communities to foster an environment of learning and understanding of music as an important element in a society’s educational development. An interdisciplinary program, it offers music students to opportunity to use their musical skills in primary and secondary schooling.

What Will I Study?

On successful completion, the graduates of the BA Music with Education programme will be able to:

1. Understand the role of the music educator in nurturing cultural identities in community

2. Perform and have knowledge of various genres of music

3. Teach music in primary or secondary schools or studio environment

4. Use teaching skills in individual, group and general audience settings

5. Create, critique and experiment in music

Facilities and Resources

The Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination (EBCCI) under the Department boasts state of the art facilities, including an art gallery, cinematheque, rehearsal room, performance centre, dance studio, computer lab, and pedagogical centre. The Walcott Warner Theatre is a multipurpose facility suited for all types of events, and seating up to 252 persons.

Apart from teaching, our facilities can also be booked for film screenings, meetings, workshops, seminars, lectures, event rehearsals. Features such as grand or upright pianos, AV equipment, sound and lighting are available on request.  Learn how to book any of our facilities »

Why Study in Barbados

An internationally accredited programme introduces our international students to the creative arts from a Caribbean perspective, while providing fundamental knowledge and developing skills suited for a professional career at the global level.

See why you should study in Barbados from our International Office

At a Glance

  • Degree Level: Undergraduate
  • Qualification: BA
  • Duration: 3 years Full-Time; 4 years Part-Time


Programme Details

The BA Music with Education is a 90 credit programme structured as follows:


1.    MUSC1010 Introduction to Critical Listening
2.    MUSC1025 Introduction to Harmony
3.    MUSC1020 Caribbean Popular Music and Society
4.    MUSC1031 Introduction to Music Technology
5.    MUSC1035 Ear Training
6.    MUSC1036 Private Lessons I
7.    EDPS1001 Introduction to Human Development
8.    FOUN1006 Exposition for Academic Purposes
9.    One (1) Beginners’ Foreign Language course* OR Level I elective from within the Faculty, but outside of Music
10. Either FOUN1003 Introduction to Creative Non-Fiction OR FOUN1004 An Introduction to Argument
1. MUSC2010 Harmony and Orchestration
2. MUSC2025 Music Ensemble I
3. MUSC2025 Private Lessons II
4. MUSC2030 Composing in Caribbean Music
5. EDRS2201 Intro to Research Methods in Education
6. EDME2211 Testing and Measurement and Eval. I
7. EDCU2101 Introduction to Curriculum Theory, Planning and Practice
8. FOUN1310 Law, Gov, Econ and Society in the Caribbean
9. FOUN 1210 Science, Medicine and Tech in Society
10. One (1) Level II Elective
1. MUSC3XXX Repertoire for Recital
2. MUSC3010 Music Ensemble II
3. MUSC3000 Music Business
4. MUSC3015 Private Lessons III
5. MUSC3020 Conducting for Large Ensemble
6. EDTK3304 Media and Technology in Education
7. EDSO3102 The Social Context of Education
8-9. HUMN3901 Capstone Thesis/Project (6 credits)
10. One (1) Level III Elective


For full details on programme costs, follow the link

A. University Matriculation Requirements

The University Matriculation requirements for entry to a degree programme —

(a) Full Matriculation: 

  •  (i) Passes in either two 2-unit CAPE/GCE A-Level subjects OR an Associate Degree of at least a 2.50 GPA,  AND
  • (ii) at least five (5) passes in CSEC (CXC) General Proficiency of at least Grade III (at least Grade II if done before 1998), OR GCE O’ Levels of at least Grade C or BGCSE examinations.  Subjects passed must include  English Language AND one of the following: a Foreign Language, Mathematics, Geography, or an approved Science subject.
b) Lower Level Matriculation:
  • At least five (5) acceptable passes at CSEC/GCE/BGCSE examinations which MUST include English Language and any one of the following: a foreign language, mathematics, geography, or an approved science subject;


English Language is compulsory for admission to all programmes of The University of the West Indies. Candidates who do not possess one of the following are required to take the English Language Proficiency Test (ELPT) before entry:

  • (i) Grade I in CSEC,
  • (ii) English A,
  • (iii) a Grade A in GCE O’ Level English Language,
  • (iv) a Grade 1 in CAPE Communication Studies OR
  • (v) a Grade A or B in the GCE General Paper, OR
  • (vi) Grade B OR higher in the BCC course CORE 100 English & Communication

B. Faculty Entry Requirements
3. The entry requirements of the Faculty of Culture, Creative and Performing Arts are:
(a) a minimum of five (5) passes in CSEC General Proficiency Grade I, II or Grade III (Grade III if done after 1998), or GCE ‘O’ Levels at least Grade C, or BGCSE examinations including English Language;
(b) the entry requirements of the particular academic department in which they propose to take courses.  These are as follows for the undergraduate programmes in Music:

C. Programme Entry Requirements

In addition to fulfilling University matriculation and Faculty entry requirments to the Faculty of Culture, Creative and Performing Arts, applicants must have completed an Associate Degree in Music or Grade 7 ABRSM (Associated Board Royal Schools of Music). In addition, candidates must also submit a portfolio of work and attend an interview.