The Walcott Warner Theatre

The Walcott Warner Theatre was named after two very prominent persons in the performing arts in the Caribbean – the late Honorable Derek Walcott, poet and playwright of St. Lucia, and celebrated director, the late Earl Warner of Barbados. 

The Theatre houses a state-of-the-art black box theatre, and the neither the stage nor the seating is fixed, which allows for the space to become a Hall, or be configured as a Proscenium Stage (audience has equal view of stage), or a Thrust Theatre configuration (audience on three sides of stage).  This multi-purpose space can seat 252 persons, but may be modified based on the configuration of the stage and seating arrangements to seat up to 360 patrons. A Kawai Grand Piano is also available for rent.  The Theatre has a white Cyclorama which can be used as a screen, a ceiling mounted projector for Audio/Visual or film screening purposes and has built in lighting and sound reinforcement. Two dressing rooms are located backstage and are fully equipped with bathroom and shower facilities. The use of the Foyer, Terrace and Bar for the purpose of a Concessionaire is included. 

      (The Proscenium Stage Layout)              (The Thrust Theatre Layout)
Other layouts include:
The Walcott Warner Theatre is the home to the
  • Principals’ Dinner
  • Student Performances
  • Pageants
  • Fashion Shows
  • Book Launches
  • Lectures
  • Film Screenings
  • Music, Dance and Theatrical Productions
With a picturesque view overlooking the West Coast and the Usain Bolt Sports Complex of the Cave Hill Campus, your choice of ambient lighting on the Terrace and its adjacent bar facilities present an excellent closing or opening complement to any event and can be used to host receptions.

A non-refundable Booking Fee of $250.00 and Public Liability Insurance is required.

Foyer, Terrace and Bar ONLY

The Foyer, Terrace and Bar can be used for cocktail receptions and small gatherings. It comes equipped with ambient lighting in a variety of colour schemes to set the ambiance for late evening/night events. The rental will include the use of four (4) trestle tables and twenty-five (25) black chairs, as needed. Can accommodate approximately one hundred and twenty (120) persons.

A non-refundable Booking Fee of $250.00 and Public Liability Insurance is required.

Booking Form:EBCCI Initial Enquiry Form - Foyer, Terrace and Bar ONLY


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