The Walcott Warner Theatre

The Walcott Warner Theatre houses a state of the arts black box theatre and Cinémathèque of the Errol Barrow Centre.

The Walcott Warner Theatre is a 250 to 300 seater multi-purpose theatre that can be configured to fit any event. Being a black box theatre, neither the stage nor the seating is fixed, this allows for the space to become a hall or be configured for
  • A Proscenium Stage, giving the audience an equal good view to the stage or a
  • Thrust Theatre configuration, allowing for audience on all three sides of the stage.

         (The Proscenium Stage Layout)                          (The Thrust Theatre Layout)
Other layouts include:
The Walcott Warner Theatre is the home to the
  • Principals’ Dinner, the Kiwanis Annual Ball,
  • student performances,
  • hosts carnival band launches,
  • fashion shows,
  • book launches, lectures,
  • film screenings and of course
  • music, dance and theatrical productions

The Walcott Warner Theatre features 2 dressing rooms, a grand piano and weighted keyboard and has built in lighting and sound reinforcement. With a picturesque view overlooking the West Coast and the Paradise Park Sporting facility of the Cave Hill Campus, the Terrace and its adjacent bar facilities present an excellent closing or opening complement to any event and can be used to host receptions.


Housed within the Walcott Warner Theatre is the 52 seater Cinémathèque. An intimate room, along with film screenings, the Cinémathèque is an ideal space for smaller gatherings such as discussions, focus groups, small lectures, symposiums, book launches and workshops. It has its own receiving area that adjoins seamlessly to the terrace area of the Walcott Warner Theatre.

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