Academic Programmes

Bachelor of Fine Arts Creative Arts

The EBCCI is home of the Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours degree programme is an , through the Faculty of Humanities and Education of UWI, Cave Hill Campus. Students enrolled in this interdisciplinary programme can focus on Dance, Theatre and or Film. The EBCCI also presents a minor in Music which is open to the Campus Community. The BFA Creative Arts is like a special, and provides rigourous training in the arts.

We also offer a Master of Arts, Creative Arts in the streams Arts Entrepreneur, Arts Educator and Studio Arts through the School of Graduate Studies & Research. 

Neil Waithe, Nakita Holder &
Marcus Myers

CAPSTONE Theatre Production

Motion Picture Arts Certificate

 The Motion Picture Arts Certificate (MPAC) offered by the Errol Barrow      Centre for Creative Imagination, The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, is a short course which focuses on the development of artistic and technical skills in Motion Picture Arts, which form the basis for creative work in film, television, animation and digital storytelling.

Certificate of Motion Picture Arts

MPAC student working with
Cuban Filmmakers

Master of Arts Creative Arts

The Master of Arts continues to build on the study and appreciation of the arts through training in the management of arts and cultural industries. Students learn the dynamics of the creative process – artistic production,working with artists, schools, government agencies, cultural organizations, community groups and art institutions, such as museums and dance companies, to promote art, enhance artistic skills, raise funds, manage budgets, and develop arts and cultural programmes. Our postgraduate programme seeks to engage artists, teachers and cultural industriy workers to explore the development of an arts and cultural infrastructure focusing on national and regional objectives within a Caribbean context.

MA Creative Arts

The Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination
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