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Diamond Jubilee

#9 Historic Parish Hike - St. Philip

East Point Lighthouse

The destination for our nineth Historic Parish Hike is St. Philip, the largest of the eleven parishes! St. Philip is famous for East Point Lighthouse, one of the four lighthouses that remain the island. This striking structure overlooks the Eastern Atlantic and offers stunning views of Culpepper Island and St. Philip's shoreline.
  • Type of Terrain: Mostly flat with undulating terrainSt. George Hike Flyer
  • Level of Difficulty: Moderate to Medium
  • Starting and ending point: Ragged Point Lighthouse area

Proposed hike route:
Start by the Ragged Point Lighthouse, then follow a trail that will lead to Skeete’s Bay. Upon reaching Skeete’s Bay, follow the road going from the St. Catherine’s area; then travel along the road to return to the Ragged Point Lighthouse area.
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