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Office of the Deputy Principal


What do I do if I am experiencing financial difficulties?
Students who are experiencing difficulties in paying their tuition fees are encouraged to enroll in a Tuition Payment plan »
Students experiencing financial challenges outside of tuition payments are encouraged to seek assistance from the Office of Student Services »
All students are encouraged to explore all Financial Aid Options, Scholarships, Bursaries etc on the Student Financing website »

What do I do if I am experiencing challenges with my course/lecturer?
Students are encouraged to first have a dialogue with the lecturer of the course in question. If this proves to be unsuccessful, you are encouraged to contact your Head of Department, and then the Dean of the Faculty, if the situation necessitates. You are also encouraged to familiarize yourself with all associated regulations, allowances and procedures pertaining to your Faculty and Study of Programme; links to the associated can be found here:

What is the Student Code of Conduct?
Each student enrolled at the University is expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the goals and values of the University. It is imperative that each student is aware of these responsibilities and obligation; in addition to the rights afforded to them. The Code of Principles and Responsibilities was written for this purpose. This document also seeks to set out the procedures in place to review incidents of misconduct. Click here for the full Code of Principles document [PDF] »

Additional Tips
Familiarize yourself with the Student Handbook, and your Faculty Handbook as they contain pertinent information on the regulations and processes governing your programme. (CHOL Document Library)
  1. Explore our Financial Aid page and see what is available to you
  2. Check your student Schedule to ensure that you do not miss important dates
  3. Check your student email regularly for the latest campus updates and opportunities (CHOL)
If you are experiencing challenges outside of the areas highlighted above, you can contact the office »
Please note; however, that the Office will only address concerns after students have exhausted the already existing mechanisms of the relevant Faculties and Departments.