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CLR James Cricket Research Centre


Policies and Regulations

Rules governing use of the library reading room

UWI staff and students must have a valid UWI identification card.   Other persons requesting to use the library may do so at the discretion of the Librarian and are required to pay a membership fee. 

  • The Reading Room is for the purpose of study and is reserved ONLY for patrons using material from the collection.
  • No bags are allowed in the library.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the library.
  • Laptop computers may be used in the library. 
  • Readers leaving the library may be required to show at the door all books and papers in their possession.

Rules governing use of materials

Material from this collection is for REFERENCE ONLY and must be consulted in the Reading Room.  No library material may be removed from this library.

A separate Reading Room Reservation form must be prepared for each item requested for use in the Reading Room.  Readers who wish to use manuscript materials must consult the librarian and complete an “Application for permission to use manuscript”. 

Reading Room loans are for 3 hours only.  A maximum of 2 items may be borrowed at a time.   Request of reading room loans are made by completing a Reading Room Registration Form and passing to the staff at the Reference Desk.  

Under no circumstances should a patron rearrange, alter or mark materials.

Manuscripts must lie flat on the surface of the reading room table and kept in the exact order in which they were received. 

Patrons may use only one manuscript box, or in some cases, one manuscript folder at any given time.

Readers must, in person, return all materials to the staff and wait until the material has been checked in.        


Cell phones

To provide an environment that is welcoming and conducive to study, we ask that cellular phones are put on an inaudible mode.  Please use phone outside of the library.  The library reserves the right to ask anyone to leave the library if he or she is using a cell phone or disturbing others in the library.


Computer use policies

The primary purpose of the CLR James Cricket Research Centre’s workstations is to support and enhance instruction in the Master’s in Cricket Studies programme.  Priority in the use of the computer workstations will be given to Master’s in Cricket Studies students, faculty and staff conducting academic research.       

Users may not use the Library’s workstations for illegal activities or tamper with the workstation configuration, software, hardware or operating system.

Cricket studies students, faculty and staff should login with their UWI identification number for full access to the Library’s catalogue.
The Cricket Research Centre library’s computer workstations are also available for unaffiliated users with membership cards who will be logged on by the Library staff.

Computer use time is limited to 30 minutes per person so as to accommodate all users.
The photocopier and computers are turned off 15 minutes before closing time.  All transactions must be made prior to this time.


A Note on Restricted Functions

The Cricket research Centre library provides computer workstations for the sole purpose of accessing electronic information for research.  Since there are a limited number of stations within the library, they have been configured to specifically allow users to access library based material.  

Students, who wish to use full version software for production work such as word processing or spreadsheets, can use the computer lab on the first floor of the Main Library.


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