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Student Notices

UWI Open Campus Summer Session 2019/2020

Students are reminded that the Cave Hill campus will not be offering a summer school programme this year.
Therefore, students enrolled at Cave Hill who are on the verge of graduating and, perhaps, require fewer than three courses to complete their programme, are encouraged to check The UWI Open Campus website for available courses that would enable them to graduate.  Course codes and titles are harmonized across the campuses, so the course is the same if it carries the same course code and title, regardless of the campus of delivery.  A maximum of three courses will require special approval.
While taking advantage of this opportunity to complete their final year, students are reminded that they must seek approval of their Faculty before attempting to substitute a required course with another course.
Please note, interested persons will be required to apply via the Open Campus admissions portal between May 04, 2020 to June 14, 2020 for consideration. 

The following represents the application process for Cross Campus Students, for ease of reference:
Step 1:  Click on
Step 2:  Create an account and login in
Step 3: Select an Open Campus Site (Select the site in your country of residence for Summer e.g. if you are residing in Barbados during Summer, choose the ‘Barbados: Cave Hill’ site)
Step 4:  Select Application Type: Application for Cross Campus Students
Step 5:  Select Term: Summer 2019/2020... 
Step 6:  Complete and Submit application (NB: Faculty decisions will be sought on behalf of applicants). 
Step 7: Check email account regularly for the final decision on application.

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