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Student Notices

Examination Reminders to Students

The following notice was issued to all students, regarding important examination reminders for Semester II, 2019-2020, by the Examinations Section. The official communiqué can be viewed via the following link:

Examination Reminders to Students (Sem II, 2019-2020)​


1. You are asked to notify your Dean/Head of Department, as soon as possible if you are unable to take/complete your Assessments due to technical or other challenges.

Students are informed that ALL requests – including any medical certificates or reports - for medical consideration MUST BE submitted through the Chief Medical Health Officer at the Students’ Health Clinic. In this regard, please note Assessment Regulation 28 (a–f) and in particular, Regulation 28 (b-c) which states inter alia:

“Where the factors referred to in (a) relate to illness the report to the Campus Registrar MUST BE accompanied by a medical report, signed by the Campus Medical Officer (at the Student Health Clinic or by any other medical practitioner approved for this purpose by the university), as proof of illness. The medical report shall be submitted within seven days from the date of that part of the assessment in which the performance of the candidate is affected. A report received after this period will be considered only in exceptional circumstances”.

Please use the medical form available on-line at:

You are also strongly urged to read and familiarise yourself with the university’s Assessment Regulations. In particular, the Plagiarism Regulations. These regulations apply to presentation of work by a student for evaluation, whether or not for credit.

The Assessment Regulations and Regulations on Plagiarism can be found on-line at:

Requests for review of Examination results MUST be made within the stipulated times outlined in the Assessment Regulations (Regulation 142 - 151). No request will be considered outside of this time frame unless there were extenuating circumstances (such as the late submission of results by the examiner - however the timeframe would be counted from the date of publication, i.e. the date the results are posted). A notice pertaining to the deadline date for review of examination scripts for Semester II, 2019-2020 will be posted online.
The Examinations Section
May 2020

The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus
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