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Staff Notices

Campus Continuation Committee NOTICE

The following communiqué was issued by the Campus Continuation Committee.
Dear Colleagues,
As you meet your students online next week (starting the 6th of April following the normal timetable), please note the following points:
  • Create a list of those students who are not able to access your course material via any device and forward to your HOD.  
  • Record all your live sessions. Remember you can pre-record your lectures and use the live sessions for Q&A.
  • Many students will only be able to gain access through their smartphone, would be in a different time zone, or face other challenges. 
  • Inform your students that for the remainder of this course, the exam will be replaced by one or more online assessments (to be approved).  There will be no face-to-face examination.
  • If you require support with eLearning (Moodle), Blackboard Collaborate, Zoom, MS Teams, etc., then please make a request via
A list of volunteers with experience on Blackboard Collaborate, Zoom and MS Teams has been created.  A support request from the above link will be redirected to a volunteer if required.  If you would like to add your name to this list, please send me a direct message with details.  It’s an opportunity to help another lecturer online.
  • The online resource (please check email for resource links) continues to evolve. Please refer to this folder as the semester progresses.
  • Please reach out to your tutors and ensure they have reviewed the online resource folder and have experimented with the technology. Training will continue as required.
I can assure you that any concern you may have raised through your Head of Department or Unit or Dean has been addressed by Campus Continuation Committee. As a committee we have spent many hours in live meetings and offline discussions through an MS Teams group “Online by the Sixth”.  Can I take this opportunity to thank all the members.  Bear-in-mind that the new assessment of your course is subject to BUS / BGSR approval.   We are exploring interesting solutions such as the free mobile network access via Digicel to specific University URLs, Examsoft for offline recorded examination and submission, etc.  My best wishes for your journey online.  Please do not hesitate to contact me directly as required. We can share a desktop together online!
Janak Sodha
Chair, Campus Continuation Committee

The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus
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