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Course Experience Reviews

The University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus is committed to welcoming and acting upon feedback from our students on any aspect of their educational experience. This includes feedback on their learning experience during academic and co-curricular courses.

Every semester, undergraduate and graduate students complete course experience reviews using a confidential online form. Students offer honest and constructive feedback, which helps individual instructors and the Campus to improve course design and delivery.

  •    Where can I find the online course experience review questionnaire?

  •    Can I still complete a paper course experience review?

  •    When can I complete my course experience reviews?

  •    Do I have to log in?

  •    How long does it take to complete a course experience review?

  •    How many course experience reviews do I have to complete?

  •    Do I have to complete all of my course experience reviews at once?

  •    How can I be sure that my feedback will remain anonymous?

  •    Why do all students need to complete course experience reviews?

  •    What happens after I give my feedback?

  •    What prizes can I win?

  •    I've already submitted my course experience reviews. What else can I do to recognise my lecturers for outstanding teaching or exceptional support?

  •    Where can I find more information?