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Confucius Institute Makes Book Donations
Confucius Institute Makes Book Donations
During late October/early November the CI donated Chinese books to several institutions where it currently conducts classes.
10 月下旬至 11 月初,巴巴多斯孔子学院向其目前开设课程的教学点捐赠了中文书籍。
On the 20th of October 2022, the Confucius Institute (CI) at The University of the West Indies Cave Hill, presented The National Library Service (NLS) of Barbados with a donation of Chinese books at its main branch in Independence Square, Bridgetown. This donation is the one of the latest in a series of donations provided by the CI  to several other institutions in Barbados.
2022 年 10 月 20 日,西印度大学凯夫希尔分校孔子学院(CI)向巴巴多斯国家图书馆(NLS)捐赠了中文书籍。此次捐赠是几场相关捐赠活动中的一个。
These institutions have partnered with CI to provide Chinese Language and Cultural classes to students ranging from Primary to Tertiary level.  The donations signify the continuation of the Institute’s goal to strengthen ties between China and Barbados through the exchange of language and culture.
Figure 1 Left-Right Deputy Director of NLS Beverly Archer, Co-Director of CI Li Renyan
The books covered a diverse range of topics including culture, history, geography and language. Co-Director of the CI, Dr.Li Renyan, made the presentation to Acting Deputy Director of the Library, Beverly Archer. Also present were other members of both institutions including Mrs. Jennifer Yarde, Director of The National Library Service and C I teachers, Cao Chunyan and Alexandria Payne.
Figure 2 CI Team photo with Acting Deputy Director Beverly Archer
The donation ceremony also coincided with the Library Service’s 175th Anniversary.  Co-Director Li extended congratulations to the  National Library Service on 175 years of excellent public service and looked forward to subsequent collaborations in the future.
捐赠仪式恰逢国家图书馆成立 175 周年。孔子学院对国家图书馆 175 年的卓越公共服务表示敬贺,并期待未来更多合作。
Aside from the donations to The National Library Service, donations were also made to The Ellerslie Secondary School, The Barbados Community College and The Charles F. Broome Memorial Primary School. Donations are currently pending  for CI’s other partnering institutions. These include The University of the West Indies Cave Hill Language Department, The St. Stephens Primary School, The Erdiston Teacher’s College and  more. With these various donations, the CI aims to provide support to the Chinese Classes currently implemented at each institution, as well as to enhance the learning experience of the students.
Figure 3 Oct 14th, CI Team donation accepted by Principal Stacia Austin (middle)
accompanied by Head of Language Department Ms. Katherine (second from right)
Figure 4 Oct 21st, CI Team donation to Barbados Language Center
accepted by the Head of the BLC, Mr. Paul Blackman.
Figure 5 Nov 1st, Co-Director David Bulbulia presenting Principal Paula Toppin
and a student, both of The Charles F. Broome Memorial Primary School, with a book donation.