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Building Friendship with Childlike Innocence

Building Friendship with Childlike Innocence

Confucius Institute in Barbados Successfully holds Virtual Pen Pal Meeting Between Chinese and Barbadian Students

On the 16th of November 2022, The Charles F. Broome Memorial Primary School in Barbados and The Lushan International Experimental Primary School in China, participated in a joint online activity to promote language and cultural exchange between the two countries and schools.
Figure 1.  Students from Lushan International Experimental Primary School take virtual commemorative photo with Students from Charles F. Broome Memorial Primary School
(Photo By: Lushan International Experimental Primary School)
This event was facilitated by The Confucius Institute (CI) at The University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus and hosted by Ms. Alexandria Payne (full-time language teacher at CI) and Ms. (Gema) Fang Qingming (overseas volunteer teacher at CI). The event also marked the 3rd exchange event following the signing of The Memorandum of Cooperation by the two schools mentioned above. These online cultural exchanges aim to connect Barbadian students with their Chinese counterparts, as well as to build friendships, enhance cultural understanding and encourage mutual interest in the study of language. The number of students included 5 children from Charles F. Broome, supported by the hosts, and 10 children from Lushan Primary led by Principal Huang Bin and project leader Ms. Xie Tian. Also in attendance were Principal of The Charles F. Broome Memorial Primary School, Ms. Paula Toppin, other teachers from the school Ms.Moe and Ms.Mayers, Co-Directors of CI, Dr. Li Renyan and Mr. David Bulbulia and Senior Teacher at CI, Wei Zenuan.
Figure 2. Photo of the 5 students from Charles F. Broome Memorial Primary School
(Photo by: The Confucius Institute UWI Cave Hill)
The online meeting kicked off with introductions where the Barbadian and Chinese students each introduced themselves making sure to include their names and ages, likes and dislikes, sports, games and other hobbies. The excited students expressed pleasure at having met each other and eagerly look forward to the next online activity. With a distance of 15000km and a 12hour time difference in effect, the virtual environment makes this fresh, stimulating approach to student exchange, possible. This event once again sowed the seeds of friendship in the hearts of the children of these two nations, and we look forward to the continuation of this joyous journey.
Editor (English Version): Alexandria Payne (Confucius Institute Full-Time Teacher)
Editor (Chinese Version): Gema Fang (Confucius Institute Overseas Volunteer Teacher)
为促进中国和巴巴多斯两国间青少年儿童的文化交流,当地时间11月16日上午,巴巴多斯查尔斯布鲁姆纪念小学(Charles F. Broome Memorial Primary School)与长沙麓山国际实验小学进行了一次别开生面的线上交流活动。
查尔斯布鲁姆纪念小学校长宝拉·托平(Paula Toppin)女士、教师莫伊(Moe)、孔子学院中方院长李仁燕博士、公派教师魏泽暖到现场观摩活动、外方院长大卫·布布利亚(David Bulbulia)在线参加了此次活动。
作者(中文版):巴巴多斯孔院志愿者教师 房庆敏
作者(英文版):巴巴多斯孔院专职教师 爱乐