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Chinese Language Day Chinese Character Treasure Hunt and Picnic
On Saturday April 15th, 2023, The Confucius Institute at The University of the West Indies Cave Hill and The National Library Service of Barbados, held a Chinese Character Treasure Hunt and Picnic. The event in celebration of the 14th annual International Chinese Language Day, took place at the National Botanical Gardens in St.Michael. Along with the teaching staff and Co-Directors of the Institute, students from various Confucius Institute classes were also in attendance, including those from The National Library Service Learn Chinese Together course, The University of West Indies Cave Hill Software Engineering course and The Barbados Community College Oral Chinese course. Also in attendance were Director of The National Library Service Jennifer Yarde and Head of IT at The National Library Service John Downes.
Figure 1. Picture of all the participants at the event.
In order to allow the participants to get further acquainted, coordinator of the event Ms.Wendy Hu and her assistant Ms.Alexandria Payne, led everyone in an icebreaker game which encouraged the students to learn the names of the others and match a face to a name. The small game "Who's next to you" livened up the atmosphere, resulting in laughter and further comradery amongst the participants.
     Figure 2. CI Teachers demonstrating the icebreaker game.
Following the icebreaker was the actual Treasure Hunt. Students were divided into four teams which each team having a captain and a teacher to assist. At the sound of the whistle, the students rushed to the designated place to search carefully for clues: in tree trunks, between stones, no corner was spared. The search lasted for 15 minutes and then it was time to tally up the scores. In order to receive the maximum number of points, each team had to pronounce the characters correctly and provide the accompanying meaning. After the tally, the Blue Team was crowned the winners of the Treasure Hunt.
    Figure 3. Students locating the Chinese characters.
  Figure 4. Students providing the pronunciations and meanings for each character.
     Figure 5. Students expressing their thoughts about the event.
      Figure 6. Students expressing their thoughts about the event.
At the Prize Giving Ceremony, Director Jennifer Yarde delivered a speech. She stated that starting in 2020, the National Library Service of Barbados and the Confucius Institute began their cooperation in order to offer an online Chinese course "Learn Chinese Together", which enabled Barbadians to experience the charm of Chinese language and culture. She then thanked the Confucius Institute for organizing the offline event to celebrate Chinese Language Day. Director Yarde is looking forward to the next Chinese Language Day event.
Figure 7. Director of The National Library Service Jennifer Yarde addressing the students.
Figure 8. Students accepting their prizes.
After the Prize Giving Ceremony, all the participants were treated to Chinese food provided by CI in partnership with a local Chinese Restaurant. The Picnic atmosphere in the park was enhanced by the smiles and laughter which were experienced by the CI party.
This "Chinese Character Treasure Hunt" is the second Chinese character-related activity held by the Institute, preceded by the "Chinese Character Golden Egg Hunt" in 2022. International Chinese Language Day coincides with the Easter Holiday and the traditional "Easter Egg Hunt" in Barbados mirrors the Chinese Character Hunts of Chinese Language Day.
Students who were unable to attend the event expressed their hope of joining next time and look forward to what CI has in store. The attending students expressed their thoughts that it was very interesting to experience the culture of Chinese characters in a form of entertainment they are familiar with. The Confucius Institute is grateful that this educational and entertaining activity was so well-received, and we look forward to holding more events in the future.
Images: Gema Fang, Yuki Shi
Text: Jackie Chen
Translation: Alexandria Payne
Editor: Grace Li

当地时间4月15日,巴巴多斯西印度大学凯夫希尔分校孔子学院与国家图书馆(National Library Service)在国家植物园(National Botanical Gardens)举办了“汉字挖宝”活动,庆祝第十四个“国际中文日”。孔院“一起学汉语(Learning Chinese Together)”、西印度大学凯夫希尔分校(The University of West Indies)软件工程专业2+2项目、巴巴多斯社区学院(Barbados Community College)等20名学生、国家图书馆馆长詹尼弗·雅德(Jennifer Yarde)及工作人员约翰·道恩(John Downe)、孔子学院中方院长李仁燕博士、外方院长大卫·布布里亚(David Bulbulia)及全体教师参加了活动。
(图一 全体合照)
(图二 破冰小游戏)
(图三 学生寻找汉字)
(图四 学生朗读并解释汉字意义)
(图六 学生分享感悟)
(图七 学生分享感悟)
(图八 图书馆馆长发表讲话)
(图五 颁发奖品)
图片:房庆敏 石雨欣