About: China University of Political Science and Law

The China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) (Chinese: 中国政法大学; pinyin: Zhóngguó Zhèngfǎ Dàxué) is located in Beijing, People’s Republic of China. Its Law School is considered one of the best in China and is the largest institute in the world for legal education. CUPL has played an active role in key legislative efforts in China and has assumed a leadership role in China in the development of jurisprudence. The University also maintains a broad international academic exchange programme.
Areas of academia at CUPL include, inter alia, International Law, Criminal Justice, Science and Technology Education, School of Foreign Languages, Politics and Public Administration, Journalism and Communication, Business School, College of Humanities, International Education, Social Sciences and School of Marxism.
The University is located in Beijing, China on 2 campuses: the Xueyuan Lu Campus in Haidian District and the Fuxue Lu Campus in Changping District. CUPL comprises 12 schools with approximately 21,000 students. CUPL is a Project 211 university. Project 211 is a project implemented by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China with the intent of raising the standards of high-level universities.
For more information on CUPL, please visit http://www.cupl.edu.cn/.

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