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Registration - What is Waitlisting & How does it help students?

The Purpose

As a student you are often faced with the dilemma of closed classes during registration. You either have to pick another class to take during that class period, or submit an override request asking to be added to the class with the hopes that you are picked first if seats become available. The Banner Waitlist feature makes it easier for faculty to manage their course enrollment during registration and it is a fairer way to allocate seats to those of you who find classes closed when you attempt to register.

What is Waitlisting?

Waitlisting is the process by which you may sign up on an electronic list for a class that has become full. The Waitlist feature is an automated function which uses the FIFO (first-in-first-out) priority method to manage the students who have placed themselves on a list. You will be able to see where you are in the priority lists and will be able to avoid having to make repeated trips to departmental offices to get updates on your registration status. 

Once a place becomes available in the section, if you are the first person on the list you will be notified to go to CHOL and register within 24 hours. The place is reserved for you during this period. If you do not register within this period the place is then offered to the next person on the list. Once the registration period has closed off for the semester, the student(s) who did not get a place in the class will be removed from the waitlist.

NB: No notification will be given to students or faculty that the waitlists have been purged.

The Advantages of Using Waitlisting

  • It will reduce the number of override requests, you have to submit asking to be added to a class which is full while at the same time making the whole process of which student should be added more fair and simplified. NB: This doesn’t mean that ALL classes require or will use waitlisting; some departments (for a variety of reasons) will elect not to use waitlisting at all.
  • You will be notified automatically when a seat becomes available on a first-come, firstserved basis instead of having to keep calling the lecturer and/or department to check on your registration status.
  • You will no longer attend a class thinking that you are registered only to find out that the course does not appear on your examination card.
  • It removes the ambiguity with regard to which student should be added first.

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