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Request a Transcript or Letter of Certification

A Transcript is an official summary of a student's academic performance which shows the entire record of all courses taken  at both undergraduate and graduate levels and the degrees received at The University of the West Indies. Please note that Undergraduate and Graduate transcript records are printed separately. 

A Letter of Certification is a letter verifying completion of a degree which includes the name, nationality, faculty and degree awarded and it also indicated that the courses are taught in English.

Methods to request Transcripts/Letters of Certification

In Person
Transcripts/letters of certification may be requested by visiting the Student Affairs (Records) office on Level 1 of The Hilary McDonald Beckles Administrative Complex.

Online (Transcript/Letter of Certification )

Email or Fax
Download and fill out the form DOWNLOAD REQUEST FORM (PDF) and return it to the   The form can also ber faxed to (246) 425-1327 or (246) 424-7392.
  • Official Transcript is stamped, sealed and signed, and the mailing address of an Institution/University must be submitted. A Student Copy is not stamped, sealed nor signed. A Letter of Certification is stamped and signed.
  • The processing fee is BDS $10.00 for each transcript/letter of certification; payable to The University of the West Indies by:
  • Please note that the payment/receipt must be submitted with the request in order for it to be processed; the minimum processing time is 5 business days.
  • Requests cannot be processed if you have a hold on your account:
  • For Financial Holds contact the Bursary at 417-4109/4110 before submitting the request.
  • For Library Holds contact the Library at 417- 4833/4440 before submitting the request.