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CHILL NEWS seeks to capture the vibrant stories and images of campus life, and features campus happenings as well as staff and student achievements.
The University is pleased to invite you to collaborate with us in this venture by subscribing to advertising space. We believe that this publication presents a considerable advertising opportunity for your organisation.

Distribution: This quarterly magazine has a print run of 5,000, and offers online access to all issues on this website:

The magazine is circulated to:
  • UWI Students
  • Alumni
  • UWI Staff and Faculty Members
  • Corporate sponsors and donors {local, regional and international}
  • 12 Centres in the regions
  • US, Canada & UK Exchange Universities
  • CARICOM and OECS Secretariats
  • Embassies and Consulates
  • Chamber of Commerce - local & OECS
Advertising Rates:
(BDS $)
Front inside Cover: $2,500.00
Back Inside Cover: $2,000.00
Outside Back Cover: $3,500.00
Full Page Ad: $1,800.00
Half Page Ad: $1,000.00
Page Ad: $ 600.00
Chill Ad. Dimensions (inches):
Actual magazine size: 8.5 wide x 11 high
Full Page Ad: 7.3 wide x 9.936 high
Full Page Bleed: 8.75 wide x 11.25 high
Half Page Horizontal: 7.3 wide x 4.85 high
Half Page Vertical: 3.7 wide x 9.936 high
Quarter Page Ad: 3.7 wide x 4.85 high
Any copy should fall within the full-page size of 7.3" wide x 9.9" high on all full-page bleeds. No Corel Draw, Word or Publisher files will be accepted.

NOTE: The advertising of alcohol, cigarettes or nightclubs will not be permitted.

Only digital files will be accepted.
CMYK ONLY. Illustrator, Photoshop or Quark Xpress files must be supplied as EPS. Highest Resolution, maximum quality JPG files at 300dpi will be accepted for smaller ad sizes. Images should be included or embedded into illustrator eps files.

Please ensure all fonts are outlined or rasterised. Any pictures included in any of the above formats must be of at least 300dpi. Please ensure all placed images are embedded.