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Faculty of Culture - Creativity to the Fore
Faculty of Culture - Creativity to the Fore The multi-billion dollar Orange Economy offers a promising future to regional practitioners in film, music, theatre, dance and other creative industries. Read about Cave Hill’s plans that are well on the way to introduce a new Faculty of Creative and Performing Arts that is guaranteed to bring Creativity to the Fore.

From Sweet Potato to Plastic
From Sweet Potato to Plastic It is a staple in many dishes across the Caribbean, but did you know that the sweet potato can also be used to create environmentally-friendly products? Find out how final-year student Kerri-Ann Bovel’s research in converting sweet potato to plastic is contributing to efforts to eliminate the use of petro-based plastics and create a one hundred per cent green economy by 2030
Smart Progress
Smart Progress As it advances into the 21st Century, Cave Hill Campus continues to make major strides in its quest to introduce technology-enabled and innovative solutions to the higher education landscape. Read about the SMART PROGRESS that’s allowing students, faculty and staff to function more effectively in their free campus-wide Wi Fi environment.