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Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Customer Service Standards

The CETL will provide a productive, safe, appealing physical or virtual space for the conduct of CETL faculty development and support services. We will:
  • Ensure that external signage on the CETL facilities is prominently fixed (main office door, training lab).
  • Provide COVID-19 instructions and signage clearly and prominently
  • Display contact information, out of office signs, office visit instructions, as necessary
  • Ensure that training materials are free of error and are of highest quality
The CETL will make faculty development needs a priority. We will:
  • Provide multiple means of accessing CETL staff by telephone, email, and/or Microsoft Teams ensuring that status accurately reflects availability or non-availability
  • Acknowledge receipt of inquiry within 2 business days and indicate to customers an approximate time frame in which we will be able to address their requests
  • Maintain contact with the customer to provide updates as necessary by establishing prompts as reminders of such requests
The CETL will respond to requests within a reasonable time through diverse channels of communication. We will:
  • Respond to customers using the channel that they used for contacting us, or agree on a channel(s) that may be suitable based on the nature of the request
  • Address customers by their titles and utilise appropriate tones
  • Maintain a business conversation style that is professional and comfortable

Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL)
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