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Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Research Supervisor Development Course

The Research Supervisor Development course is delivered in conjunction with School for Graduate Studies and Research (SGS&R) and primarily targets persons who have been selected to supervise graduate students who are engaging in academic research at the UWI. It is aimed at providing supervisors with the necessary skills, and knowledge and support that will allow them to offer sound academic direction and focus to students as they pursue their research projects. The course emphasizes the importance of building healthy mentoring relations throughout the process. Also, it provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences among colleagues involved in the research supervision process. The interactive nature of the course and the range of topics allow for the addressing of issues pertinent to newly assigned supervisors as well as experienced supervisors and the cross-collaboration and sharing of experiential knowledge. By the end of the course, supervisors compile a resource portfolio for the supervision and guidance of graduate research students.

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