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Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Educational Technology

The CETL promotes the incorporation of educational technology in order to improve the quality of teaching and foster deep student learning.
The CETL provides a plethora of digital resources on the incorporation of technology in the classroom and conducts a variety of training sessions for part-time and full-time faculty members to ensure appropriate use of technology tools.
Some technology tools and programmes utilized are:
  • Zoom
  • MyCaveHill eLearning 
  • Focused Learning & Educational Experiences Network
  • Respondus & LockDown Browser
  • Microsoft Teams

Some technology training sessions include:
  • MyCaveHill eLearning Essentials
  • Course Formatting Using the MyCaveHill eLearning Template
  • Respondus – Instructor Training: LockDown Browser & Respondus Monitor
  • MyCaveHill eLearning: Important Updates
  • Microsoft Teams for Faculty Development
  • Web Conference Review - Vendor Demonstration Class for Zoom Demonstration
Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL)
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