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Centre for Resource Management and Environmental Studies


Dr. Julian Walcott

Dr. Julian Walcott

Technical Officer - BIOPAMA Project

Department: CERMES


A highly motivated and enthusiastic individual whose passion for the conservation of natural resources and the environment is clearly evident with over eight years of experience in conservation and research. Trained as an Ecologist, a key area of interest is that of natural resource and environmental management in both terrestrial and marine ecosystems. Experience has bolstered a diverse skill-set developed through years of research, lecturing and consulting opportunities.


BSc (UWI, Cave Hill)
MSc (UWI, Cave Hill)
PhD (UWI, Cave Hill)

Research Areas

Caribbean marine protected Gateway

Select Publications

Walcott J., H. Lohman, D. Carbon and H. Armstrong-Vaughn. 2018. Increasing the visibility and influence of data in decisions for biodiversity and protected area management. Presented at the 71st meeting of the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute, San Andres, Colombia, November 5-9, 2018.
Walcott, J. S. Eckert and J.A. Horrocks. 2012. Tracking hawksbill sea turtles (Eretmochelys imbricata) during inter-nesting intervals around Barbados. Marine Biology 159:927-938.
Walcott, J. S. Eckert and J.A. Horrocks. 2013. Diving behaviour of hawksbill turtles during the inter-nesting interval: strategies to conserve energy. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 448:171-178.
Walcott, J. S. Eckert , H.A. Oxenford and J.A. Horrocks. 2014. Use of a towed camera system to investigate benthic habitat use by inter-nesting female hawksbill sea turtles. Endangered Species Research 24: 159-170.
Walcott, J. and J.A. Horrocks. 2014. Design of a protected area for inter-nesting hawksbills in Barbados: An evidence-based approach. Bulletin of Marine Science 90(4): 969-987.

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