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Centre for Resource Management and Environmental Studies


Dr. Janice Cumberbatch

Dr. Janice Cumberbatch

Senior Lecturer

Department: CERMES


Dr. Cumberbatch has over 30 years professional experience in participatory research, environmental management, social and gender impact assessment, heritage tourism management, meeting facilitation and training.  She has also published several articles in the areas of environmental management, climate change, social planning and sustainable development.


BSc (UWI, Cave Hill)
MSc (York University, Canada)
PhD (UWI, Cave Hill)

Research Areas

  • Participatory approaches to social and gender impact assessment.  
  • Investigations of social and gender resilience in climate change and disaster risk management. 
  • Applications of change management in the public sector and in civil society groups

Teaching Areas

  • Professional Skills for Environmental Managers
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Sustainable Tourism in the Coastal Zone

Select Publications

Banerjee O., Boyle K., Rogers C., Cumberbatch J., Kanninen B., Lemay, Schling, M. 2018. Estimating Benefits of Investing in Resilience of Coastal Infrastructure in Small Island Developing States: An Application to Barbados. Marine Policy Volume 90, April 2018 pp. 78-87

Cumberbatch J., L. Nurse and K Francis. 2018. Policy, practice and science: perspectives on climate change and tourism in Barbados – conflict or congruence? In Global Climate Change and Coastal Tourism: Recognising Problems, Managing Solutions and Future Expectations. CAB International, ISBN: 9781780648439. A. Jones and M. Phillips (eds.) pp. 159-169

Cumberbatch J. and E. Burke. 2016. “Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment of the Critical Infrastructure of St. Christopher Air & Sea Ports Authority (SCASPA) to Projected Impacts of Climate Change.” In Global Change and the Caribbean Adaptation and Resilience. David Barker, Duncan McGregor, Kevon Rhiney and Thera Edwards, eds. The University of the West Indies Press, Mona Jamaica. pp. 67-86.

Cumberbatch J. 2014. Effective engagement: critical factors of success. In Scientists, Experts, and Civic Engagement: Walking a Fine Line. Lesen AE (ed).  Ashgate Publishers, Surrey UK. ISBN: 978-1- 4724-1524-0. pp. 57-81 

Hinds, C. and J.Cumberbatch.  2013.  Barbadian Biocultural Heritage: An Analysis of the Flyingfish. International Journal of Intangible Heritage 8: pp. 117 – 134

Moore W., A. Cashman and J. Cumberbatch. 2012. The Effects of Climate Change on Tourism in Small States: Evidence from the Barbados case. Tourism Review 67: pp.  17 – 29


social and gender impact assessment, social resilience, gender, climate change and disaster risk management, sustainable tourism, change management, stakeholder engagement, UWI, Cave Hill Campus, CERMES

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