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Centre for Resource Management and Environmental Studies

CERMES Service Hub

CERMES offers a suite of services to a range of clients.

About 80% of information used in decision making in most sectors has a spatial dimension. CERMES geospatial services include:

Drone support
Also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), drones have become ubiquitous in mapping and spatial assessments of resources, assets, and environments. CERMES drone services include:
  • on-site and off-site training in drone piloting
  • data capture (imagery and video)
  • mapping, and related data analytics, management, and applications

CERMES provides advisory services on drones in diverse application areas, including agriculture, construction, forestry, landscapes, facility inspection, utilities, emergency response, security, among others. CERMES can generate relevant knowledge products to meet the client’s requirements.

GIS and Satellite Remote Sensing
With up-to-date software and hardware capabilities, CERMES provides services in geographic information systems (GIS) and satellite remote sensing, including:
  • Training in GIS and satellite remote sensing
  • Mapping and spatial data analysis in diverse application fields.
  • Satellite image processing and analysis for agricultural and environmental applications.
  • Advisory services on GIS, remote sensing, and spatial data management.

CERMES provides a complete suite of water quality analysis, from sampling to testing and interpretation of analytical outputs. CERMES also provides advisory services on the design and management of surface and ground water quality monitoring programmes.

CERMES provides a complete suite of soil analysis services which include:
  • Soil sampling and analysis of nutrients and pollutants (e.g. heavy metals)
  • Sampling and analysis of plant tissue

CERMES provides consultancy and capacity building services on land and water management, climate change, fisheries and marine resource management, and natural resource and environmental management in general.

CERMES provides near shore marine/coastal research support via a small motorized research vessel. The CERMES boat can only be hired to support research activities within the territorial waters of Barbados.
Centre for Resource Management and Environmental Studies
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