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Sargassum : External links

By its nature, the information on this page is dynamic. We are in the process of making updates and improvements to keep the information up to date. Thank you for your patience

Welcome to the External Links page. Here you will find links to websites and/or work on sargassum produced by other organisations.
Disclaimer: This webpage is for informational purposes only. The inclusion of any links or resources on this page does not imply any direct relationship with any external entities to the University of the West Indies nor does it imply any obligation on our part to endorse or participate in any sargassum initiative/innovation.

GCFI Timely Guidance for Hotels and Resorts on the Sargassum Influx Sargassum Fact Sheet Do you want to report a sargassum sighting? Use the Sargassum on-line forum
CRFM Model Protocol for Management of Sargassum Seaweed SARGASSUM: The what, where and why of this seaweed How has seaweed affected Caribbean economies?
CHTA/CAST:  Sargassum A Resource Guide for the Caribbean The Spread of Sargassum Seaweed Sargassum White Paper - Sargassum Outbreak in the Caribbean: Challenges, Opportunities and Regional Situation
Research development and innovation joint call on Sargassum seaweed MONITORING & ALERT NETWORK in response to the health problems of Sargasso algae Sargassum influx in the Wider Caribbean Region

Useful links related to sargassum:
SPAW-RAC Sargassum cooperation University of Southern Mississipi USF Satellite-based Sargassum Watch System (SaWS)
Epicollect sargassum watch Local Environmental Observer Network - First-person observations and newspaper articles about Sargassum seaweed Sargassum monitoring
NOAA chasing sargassum NOAA Experimental Weekly Sargassum Inundation Report Sargassum detection with SAMtool
Sargassum Information Hub  
Sargasso sea commission Sargassum Information Hub  

Useful links on Ecosystem Based Adaptation:
Friends of EBA Panorama  

Other useful links:
Caribbean Atlas Atlas Caraibe Geonode/Caribnode
CLME+ Hub Atlas Caribbean Science Atlas
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