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Just BE Fisherfolk : Project Home

Project formal title
Amplifying Climate Justice for Fisherfolk in the Barbados Blue Economy with Emphasis on Women and Youth

Short title explained
In the project short title, Just BE Fisherfolk, the word “Just” means climate, blue and social justices, while “BE” is blue economy and “fisherfolk” are the women and men working in the industry. The title also reflects an expected right to justice so people can “just be fisherfolk” without impediments.

Project overview
Recent Caribbean small-scale fisheries (SSF) applied research and development projects have focused on stewardship, gender, youth, policy, governance, leadership, and organisational capacity. More attention must now be paid to climate justice, blue justice and social justice in SSF. The need is urgent and critical given the increasing rates of change in social and ecological systems, and potential injustices posed by blue economy (BE) initiatives.  The Regenerate Barbados social justice working group developed this project with CERMES to address these challenges.

Capacity building for a proactive climate justice approach among fisherfolk in Barbados, with attention to the inclusion and participation of women and young people, through empowerment as advocates and influencers in anticipation of climate change adaptation within Barbados blue economy initiatives.

CERMES and fisherfolk partners in Barbados will develop knowledge, know-how and critical mass for ampilfying fisherfolk voices, particularly of women and youth, in climate, blue and social justice by:
  1. Increasing fisherfolk understanding of national initiatives aimed at climate change adaptation and resilience and links to the fishing industry and its constituents;
  2. Engendering justice thinking in fisherfolk to ensure their fair treatment and recognition in these national initiatives;
  3. Supporting a core of empowered women and youth fisherfolk through capacity building to create a foundation for justice advocacy;
  4. Improving fisherfolk collective action and identifying justice advocates for promoting fisherfolk responses to national climate adaptation and resilience initiatives;
  5. Increasing fisherfolk participation in events, groups and networks related to or for responding to climate change adaptation and resilience initiatives.

The project is grant funded USD 140,659 by the Open Society Foundations (OSF) with in-kind contributions from CERMES, Barbados fisherfolk organisations, and independent fish workers

01 July 2023 to 30 June 2025
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