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Welcome to the Useful Resources page. Here you will find links to useful sargassum related resources, Presentations from CERMES researchers and outputs from the CC4FISH initiative.

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Sagassum Presentations
Challenges of managing sargassum influxes: A way forward Application of drone technologies in quantifying stranded Sargassum Sargassum: Impacts and opportunities
Sargassum: threat or opportunity for a Blue Economy?    

Sargassum Sub-Regional Outlook Bulletin
OCTOBER 2019 | VOL I | ISSUE 1    

CC4FISH Resources
Summary report on available catch and fishing effort data for flyingfish and dolphinfish in the Eastern Caribbean Summary report describing pelagic sargassum seaweed growth, abundance and mass transport within the North Equatorial Recirculation Region (NERR) and Eastern Caribbean for 2014 and 2015 Preliminary analysis report on the variables associated with the growth and arrival of pelagic sargassum in the eastern Caribbean using the HYCOM model
Preliminary report on the model predicting pelagic sargassum seaweed growth, abundance and mass transport within the North Equatorial Recirculation Region (NERR) and the Eastern Caribbean Summary report on the review of draft national sargassum plans for four countries in the Eastern Caribbean Summary report on the development of a sub-regional sargassum outlook bulletin for the Eastern Caribbean
Report on the development of a best practice guide for Caribbean fishers coping with sargassum influx events Report on the Relationships between Sargassum Events, Oceanic Variables, and Dolphinfish and Flyingfish Fisheries Final Report on Prediction of Pelagic Sargassum Incursions: Model Development

Userful Links
UWI Sargassum Management Brief 2015  Sargassum Fact Sheet Do you want to report a sargassum sighting? Use the Sargassum on-line forum
CRFM Model Protocol for Management of Sargassum Seaweed GCFI Timely Guidance for Hotels and Resorts on the Sargassum Influx Best practices for Caribbean Fishers Coping with Sargassum
CHTA/CAST:  Sargassum A Resource Guide for the Caribbean SARGASSUM: The what, where and why of this seaweed How has seaweed affected Caribbean economies?
Research development and innovation joint call on Sargassum seaweed The Spread of Sargassum Seaweed What is Sargassum phenomenon?
MONITORING & ALERT NETWORK in response to the health problems of Sargasso algae Sargassum influx in the Wider Caribbean Region