Sargassum And Future Enterprises (SAFE)

The Cave Hill Campus of The University of the West Indies brought together top natural and social scientists from across the University with key stakeholders in the Caribbean’s tourism, business and fisheries sectors to discuss the sargassum seaweed phenomenon invading our region’s beaches and threatening key economic sectors.

This site provides you with the presentations and a summary of the roundtable discussions which took place at the Symposium.  It also contains a repository of initiatives taking place on Sargassum research and product development.  Please send us your information so that we can add it to this resource.

The first Sargassum Symposium took place at the 3Ws Pavilion in Barbados on Monday 17 August, 2015.
Please click here to view the video of the proceedings.

The next sargassum symposium is tentatively scheduled for later this year convened by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in association with the UWI.
As more details are made availiable they will be provided on this site.