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Centre for Resource Management and Environmental Studies


CERMES seeks to provide graduate students with advanced training in techniques, mechanisms and policies for sustainable use and management of natural resources with emphasis on the Caribbean.

The MSc in Natural Resource and Environmental Management Programme is our main offering and is delivered in a maximum of 14 months. This includes approximately a ten-month period for course delivery and examination, and a four month period for the research project. In Semester I four courses are delivered concurrently in a semester long format interspersed with two-week modules. In Semester II, courses are delivered as two-to-three-week modules. Where applicable, a written examination will follow the completion of the courses in both semesters.

The MSc consists of three University-wide core courses, four CERMES core courses, four specialisation streams of four courses each and a research paper (see Student Handbook).

Centre for Resource Management and Environmental Studies
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