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Dr. Kimberly Baldwin, as a postdoctoral researcher, is no stranger to CERMES. Kim first joined the Department in 2001 as MSc Coastal and Marine Management student. Since then time she has worked for the University conducting a variety of field research activities including environmental impact assessments and marine monitoring surveys before embarking on her PhD from 2006-2012, which included the development of a marine resource and space-use PGIS for the Grenadine Islands.

In 2008, Kim began teaching the Geoinformatics for Environmental Management course at CERMES, received a certificate in University Teaching and Learning in 2013 as well as co-supervised a number of MSc students over the years.

As a broadly trained fisheries scientist and marine biologist, Dr. Baldwin’s interests have diversified over the years seeking to bridge the practical, methodological and theoretical by drawing on a number of disciplines including geography, information systems, anthropology, sociology, governance, natural resource management and ecology.

Her multi-disciplinary background and strong belief in the importance of applying a holistic approach drives the topic of her post-doc research, Remote sensing, mapping methods, spatial analysis and data management considerations. This research includes the examination of two practical case studies.

The first (conducted in 2015) involved the production of a benthic classification scheme and associated marine habitat mapping products for the country of Barbados based on Lidar reflectance data, high resolution satellite imagery and underwater video surveys for the Coastal Zone Management Unit of Barbados.

The second (conducted in 2016) involves using UAS to collect and process data to map the extent and health of the mangrove wetland at Johnson’s Point in the Cades Bay Marine Reserve. A comparative analysis of remote sensing technologies (satellite imagery and drone mapping) techniques are examined to assess the use of drones for environmental management applications. The research also involves the collaborative development of a UAS protocol and methodology for the Government of Antigua and Barbuda’s Department of Environment’s use of UAS technology; a protocol for the workflow and technical standards to ensure the efficient storage and management of GIS data collected for the EIMAS national environmental data repository; and recommendations for national UAS policy in Antigua and Barbados. The results, including lessons learned and best practices, will be widely shared through a number of channels (e.g. webinars, conferences and publications) with practitioners working in the region.

Dr. Baldwin is also the Principal of Marine Spatial Information Solutions Inc., an environmental management consulting company providing practical solutions to connect people, technology and information in the Caribbean and globally. Services include: marine management and spatial planning applications; participatory research; habitat, resource and space-use mapping; GIS data conversion and geodatabase construction, spatial modelling and analysis; UAS mapping and information technologies; impact assessment and monitoring services; and also offer a number of training courses.

Research interests and achievements (PhD research website)
• Terrestrial/Marine field work
• UAS Mapping
Notable publications Recent publications (available by request from author)
2016    Baldwin, K., H. Oxenford, S. Purkis and L. Knowles. Marine habitat mapping for Barbados: Developing a benthic habitat classification scheme and island-wide map based on remote sensing and comprehensive ground-truthing. Centre for Resource Management and Environmental Studies Technical Report, University of the West Indies, Barbados.


2016    Baldwin, K. and R. Mahon. Fisheries Strategic Action Plan for the Jamaican Seascape: Pedro Bank and Southwest Coast. Caribbean Marine Biodiversity Program: Jamaica Fisheries Sector Assessment and Action Plan. For The Nature Conservancy, Jamaica.

2015    Baldwin, K. Marine zoning design and moorings plan for the South Coast Marine Management Area (SCMMA), St. Vincent. For the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Under the CATS Component 2: CARHPA, GOPA. St. Lucia.

2015    Baldwin, K. and R. Mahon. Rapid Fishery Sector Assessment of the Jamaican Seascape. Caribbean Marine Biodiversity Program: Jamaica Fisheries Sector Assessment and Action Plan. For The Nature Conservancy, Jamaica.

2015    Baldwin, K. Marine spatial information assessment and mapping and for the potential development of offshore renewable energy in Barbados. The Energy and Telecommunications Division, Office of the Prime Minister, Government of Barbados.

2015    Baldwin, K. Marine spatial planning for the Pedro Bank, Jamaica. Final Report. For the Nature Conservancy and NEPA, Government of Jamaica.



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Dr. Kimberly Baldwin

BSc (University of California, Santa Barbara)
MSc (UWI, Cave Hill)
PhD (UWI, Cave Hill)

Phone: (246) 417-7544