About Us: Staff

CERMES has a unique ecosystem of academic, technical and administrative talent.  Each member of our team brings with them different areas of expertise which make CERMES a productive and adaptive teaching/working environment.
Please click on the links below to view the profiles of our staff members, post doctoral and visiting academic researchers:
Full time staff
Name Position Areas of interest
Patrick McConney Director, Senior Lecturer • Small-scale fisheries
• Marine protected areas (MPAs)
Robin Mahon Professor Emeritus • Marine resource governance
Hazel Oxenford Professor • Fisheries biology and management
Hugh Sealy Lecturer • Climate change
• Solid and liquid waste
• Renewable energy
David Yawson Senior Lecturer • Bio-sensitive land resource management
• Socio-ecological resilience in the context of environmental change
Janice Cumberbatch Lecturer • Sustainable tourism development
• Environmental impact assessment
Neetha Selliah Programme Coordinator • Fisheries governance
Joseph Weekes Laboratory Technician • Water quality assesment
• Coral reef assessment
• Terrestrial/Marine field work
• UAS Mapping
Dale Benskin Information Technology Technician • Information technology
• Unmanend aerial systems
Jennifer Hurley Administrative Assistant • Office administratoin
Maria Pena Project Officer • Socio-economic aspects of marine resource management
• MPA management
• Project management
Mia Clarke Stenographer/Clerk (Secretary) • Videography/Photography
• Office administratoin
Kristie Alleyne Research Assistant Fisheries governance
Coral reef ecology and management
Environmental impact assessments
Post doctoral & visiting researchers
Kimberly Baldwin Post Doctoral Researcher • Geoinformatics and spatial analysis
• UAS mapping 
• Ecosystem based management & Marine Spatial Planning
• Participatory research and training initiatives
Shelly-Ann Cox Post Doctoral Research Associate • Adaptive co-management
• Social networks, Marine resource governance
• Climate services
• Gender and Science Communication
Julian Walcott Technical Officer • Caribbean Protected Areas Gateway
To enhance the capabilities of CERMES, high quality members of the academic world are engaged as associated staff throughout the academic calendar year. Each, an expert in their field of study, of our associated staff, add value to our teaching process and project work. Please see the list below:
Associated staff
Dr. Darren Browne Mr. Karl Payne
Dr. Adrian Cashman Prof. Peter Schuhmann
Dr. David Farrell Ms. Norma Shorey-Bryan
Mr. Anthony Headley Dr. Mike Roth
Dr. Vernese Inniss Dr. Julian Walcott
Mr. Antonio Joyette Mr. Leslie Walling