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Karima Degia is a registered professional engineer (in Barbados), specialised in coastal engineering, with continuing education certification in sustainable environmental management.  In various consulting roles over more than twelve years, Karima has worked across project life cycle, including pre-feasibility/ feasibility studies, environmental baseline studies and management plans, participatory planning and stakeholder consultation, design of coastal infrastructure or hybrid grey/green interventions, environmental and social impact assessments, construction and implementation, implementation phase monitoring and evaluation as well as post-construction and/or post-execution monitoring. 

The majority of the projects she has worked on have been explicit climate change adaptations or have incorporated climate change considerations.  Since mid-2017, she has been working as an Independent Consultant under the business name AKD Environmental Solutions.
Research interests and achievements Karima’s professional experience and interests are multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral, including coastal zone management, oceanographic and coastal processes, coastal and civil engineering, ridge to reef principles in watershed management, environmental impact assessments, coastal vulnerability and hazard risk assessments, and climate change adaptations including infrastructure solutions, ecosystem based adaptation/ coastal ecosystems rehabilitation, and hybrid solutions.
Main Research Projects Adapting to a new reality: Managing responses to influxes of sargassum seaweed in the Eastern Caribbean as ecosystem hazards and opportunities (SargAdapt

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Ms. A. Karima Degia

Project Manager -  SargAdapt

B.S. (Florida Institute of Technology)
MSc (Florida Institute of Technology)


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