About Us: History

2014 Physical expansion is completed, providing CERMES with an additional lecture room, a larger computer lab, more office space for graduate students and post-doctoral researchers and other amenities.

Prof. Robin Mahon retires from his role as Director of CEMRES and Dr. Adrian Cashman is installed as the new Director.
2012 Due to increasing demand for teaching and research space, CERMES embarks upon a phased approach to physical expansion while continuing to strengthen its global image as a leader in interdisciplinary studies.
2010 The new strategic direction of CERMES places more emphasis on research projects and students while maintaining excellence in the taught MSc. This results in new PhD and post doctorate opportunities aligned with projects such as the Future of Reefs in a Changing Environment (FORCE)
2008 Interest in the new specialisation in Water Resources Management grew from a trickle to a stream that was fed into by both Applied Meteorology and Climate Change.
2005 Waste Management and Applied Meteorology are new courses. CERMES continues to strengthen and re-position itself to become a Caribbean regional centre of excellence in resource management with special emphasis on marine resource governance from local to global level.
2004 Dr. Robin Mahon becomes Acting Director of CERMES in August. CERMES hires additional academic and technical staff in the area of integrated marine resource management. With the extensive outreach and development activities and an intake of between 20 - 25 MSc students a year, CERMES has become a hub of environmental teaching, research, consultancy and project activities
2003 No longer supported by EU funding, the NRM MSc programme ceases to serve the Dominican Republic.  SOLPROM moves into the Faculty Office. At UWI however, the MSc programme is expanded to offer a MSc in Natural Resource and Environmental Management across all three UWI campuses with two specialization streams at each campus.
2002 With the untimely death of the Director, Prof. Oliver Headley, Dr. Hazel Oxenford is appointed as Acting Director.
1998 With new European Union funding the MAREMP programme is expanded to include the Mona Campus of UWI and two Universities in the Dominican Republic and is renamed the Natural Resource Management (NRM) Programme.  CERMES continues to implement the Cave Hill component of the programme.
1997 CERMES moves into its new purpose built accommodation on the main campus where it  houses both the MAREMP programme lead by Professor Wayne Hunte and the solar energy programme (SOLPROM) lead by Professor Oliver Headley.
1996 Prof. Oliver Headley is appointed Director of CERMES
1992 The MSc programme in Marine Resource Management (MAREMP) with two streams (Coastal Ecology and Management, and Fisheries Biology and Management) is launched under the leadership of Professor Wayne Hunte. Dr. Malcolm Hendry acts as Director of CERMES.
1988 CERMES obtains funding from ICOD, Canada, to expand and upgrade the Graduate Diploma into a MSc in Marine Resource Management.  This funding provides for three additional academic staff positions as well as library support, a computer laboratory and student scholarships.
1986 CERMES is established and offers a one-year Graduate Diploma in Environmental Studies and Resource Management consisting of nine months of taught courses and a three-month research project. It also offers short training courses and workshops. Dr. Euna Moore is the first Director.
1985 UWI responds to the concerns of member countries regarding incorporation of environmental issues into sustainable development by creating a multidisciplinary programme.