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Password Reset Tool

We have made it easier for both students and staff to reset their password. 

As long as we have an alternative email address for you (not your @cavehill or @mycavehill) stored in Banner for students or in PeopleSoft for staff. To find out more about the Reset Tool read below or click here to reset your password now »


Password Reset Instructions


  1. Visit the Cave Hill Network Account Manager website which contains the  Password Reset Tool:
  2. On the Login page, enter your ID number.
  3. Click on the Link "Enter ID then click here for email hint."
  4. Enter the Email Address shown in the hint that appears.
  5. If you do not recognise the email address in the hint or wish to add another email address, click the link provided to get instructions on how to update your CHOL-Student Self Service profile or PeopleSoft Staff Self-service profile.
  6. Once logged in, you can view your network account status, assigned campus email, printing account balance and Password Reset options.
  7. Password Reset Options:
    • If your account is not locked or disabled, you will have the following options
      • Email me a reset link.
      • I know my current password and want to change it now. :
  8. If you choose the option "email me a reset link", an email will be sent to the email address used to log in. The email password reset token will be valid for three hours, you will have the option to request a new one after it expires.
  9. Click here to reset your password now »