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Office of Business Development

Establish a Scholarship

Prof Landis and Mr. Ikins - UWI/Deloitte MOU Signing

Establishing a gift for a deserving UWI student can make all the difference to the student’s life. You may give a full or partial scholarship to assist with the cost of fees and /or living expenses. A named scholarship is an excellent way of celebrating individuals, organisations and companies. It also comes with the fulfillment of knowing you have helped students achieve what matters most to them.

Things to consider:


1) Scholarship amount – full or partial?
Full tuition scholarships cover the full cost of tuition and can vary depending on the programme of study and the student’s country of origin. The minimum amount for a partial scholarship is half the tuition fee. A scholarship can also include an additional amount outside of the tuition fee to assist in covering the cost of books, equipment and living expenses.

2) Rationale 
Should the scholarship be based on academic merit, financial need or both?                                                                                                                                            
  1. 3) Eligibility 
  • Who should qualify?
  • Persons of a specific nationality or would you prefer to leave it open?
4) Faculty/Programme  
In what subject area/discipline or field of research? Or would you prefer to leave it open? Once you have decided, you should contact The Office of Business Development to facilitate the administrative process of establishing the award. Scholarship donors are listed in our annual Scholarship Brochure and are invited to present the scholarship at the annual Student Awards Ceremony and reception, a public event which  celebrates donors and scholarship and award recipients. 
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