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Office of Business Development

Generating Philanthropic and Sponsorship Support

We aim to be a primary gateway to the external community for Faculties, Departments and Units seeking to raise funds or other resources.  An important aspect of this role is to help avoid donor fatigue by providing a one stop-shop which manages donor contributions to many units across Campus.  A single primary contact point for donors is what they prefer. We can assist Campus units in their efforts to raise funds and sponsorship support by:
  • Identifying and screening donor/sponsorship prospects
  • Aligning your project/event goals with donor/sponsor corporate goals
  • Facilitating the cultivation of new donors/sponsors
  • Developing and presenting the case for support for your project/event
  • Developing a schedule for donor/sponsor benefits that creates value
  • Ensuring that donor/sponsor expectations are met
  • Helping to upgrade donors to their next level of support

It is important that you contact us prior to soliciting donors/sponsors so that we may guide you on who to approach and how.  We manage a master list of donor/sponsor contacts and can therefore guide you to your best chances of success.  We also need you to keep us updated once you have received a gift so that we may appropriately thank and steward donors/sponsors.

Quicks Links:
Students Benefit with BITT Inc. – The Office of Student Services (OSS) received an expression of interest from BITT Inc. to establish an internship programme and support the development of students.  They wanted to help better meet the needs of the financial technology services industry.  We worked with BITT Inc. and OSS to develop a Memorandum of Understanding to guide the development of this partnership and maximise the contribution of the donor.

Support for UWI Games – We worked with the Planning Committee to generate a list of potential donors and sponsors for the 2017 Games at Cave Hill. We developed the sponsorship proposal brochure, made the ask to potential sponsors and worked with them to generate a total of BDS$14,000.00 in funds and in-kind support.