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Office of Business Development

Enjoying Convenience Services

We manage the offer of convenience services on Campus.  We seek to understand the desires of students and staff for close to hand food and other services and work to meet those needs.  In 2017, we commissioned the Campus Quality Assurance Unit to conduct a comprehensive survey of students and staff of their level of satisfaction with current offerings on Campus.  We have heard your desire to have more variety of food and other services and we are working to meet those needs.  You can help us by:
  • Letting us know what services you would like to have right on Campus
  • Reporting malfunctions in vending machines and the ABM or other issues with service providers
  • Using only authorised vendors and service providers

Establishing the CampusMart – The mini supermarket and delicatessen is now an essential member of the Campus community.  We worked to have the facility established in 2007.  Over the past 12 years, the concessionaire, Crystal’s Enterprises, has expanded its products and services, moving from a small facility next to the Worrell Halls of Residence to its new location in the basement of the CLICO Centre for Teaching Excellence in 2011.

Ensuring the Accessibility and Safety of Food Provisions on Campus – We are continuously working to ensure a wider variety of vending machines and food service offerings in close proximity to student and staff.  We vet and monitor all service providers in collaboration with the Campus Health, Safety and Environmental Officer to ensure that they are operating to the highest standards of hygiene and in compliance with all the health and safety regulations of Barbados.

Authorised Vendors