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Centre for Biosecurity Studies

CBS Quarterly Lecture Series

The Centre for Biosecurity Studies hosts a lunchtime Quarterly Lecture Series, which is now exclusively virtual in light of COVID-19 realities.
The Series was launched in September 2020, offered in the format of a 90-minute programme beginning at 1:00pm (AST). This initiative has evolved into a robust response to COVID-19 constraints imposed on traditional outreach activities that we would ordinarily undertake on our Barbados campus of The University of the West Indies, and additionally, to widen our reach throughout the Caribbean region and beyond.

The Quarterly Lecture Series has become our most critical platform for sharing updates from the CBS, highlighting designated Focal Areas, and providing a safe space for academics, scientists, professionals, students and others to network and to be exposed to a variety of Biosecurity-related themes of relevance to the region.
At this time, the Centre’s programming primarily falls into three Focal Areas:
  1. Climate Change and its Impacts;
  2. Border Security and Trade (including Human/Narco/Illegal Wildlife); and
  3. Maritime and Blue Economy Issues
Importantly, the Quarterly Lecture Series is not a scientific forum. The goal is to stimulate and educate a general audience. Participants are encouraged to contact us directly if they would like to follow up with a specific presenter for a “deeper dive” into the issues.
An invited speaker or panel will present, followed by a period of dynamic Q&A or related discourse.
We also welcome to this forum individuals or organizations who are interested in presenting their work. All content showcased is intended to advance the larger discourse in local, regional and international spaces.
While we aim to highlight ongoing research and initiatives that fall into our three primary Focal Areas, we recognize that there are scientists, academics and professionals who study and work in a range of other related areas and disciplines. As such, we hold fast to a mandate of giving voice and ear to anyone interested in contributing to the dialogue around Biosecurity and intrinsic endeavours that serve to safeguard lives and livelihoods.
Stay up to date with the Quarterly Lecture Series by following this page for upcoming programmes.
 This Series is coordinated by Ms. Christianne Walcott, Operations Manager. If you are interested in attending an upcoming programme, or if you would like to contribute to the Series by being a presenter, please send an email to or