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Centre for Biosecurity Studies

Biosecurity: More than meets the Eye

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Participants do not need any formal undergraduate and postgraduate educational requirements.  However, participants should be currently operating in the relevant allied biosecurity fields including environment and wildlife management, green/renewable energy, waste management, disaster management, maritime, digitalisation, cybersecurity, telecommunication, nutrition, climate change mitigation, animal and public health, border security, agriculture, financial and financial, insurance, logistics and trade sectors
Course Description:
This short course will seek to develop critical competencies in the scientific and practical understanding of biosecurity redefined to the Caribbean context. These competencies will range from: understanding the basic biosecurity terminology, applying suitable tools to analyse varied biosecurity issues, practical application of biosecurity impacts on animal and human health, economy, trade, financial sector, tourism, environment and border security, and the application of potential methods to mitigate against these impacts.  The Caribbean is a group of small island developing states (SIDS) which faces a unique set of multiple threats and vulnerabilities that impact national and regional development. Biosecurity threats include hurricanes, severe weather systems, natural disasters, man-made disasters, infectious disease outbreaks, illicit biodiversity exploitation, human trafficking, narcotics trade, illegal wildlife trade, money laundering, terror financing and white-collar crime. The implications of these vulnerabilities are well known globally but the regional awareness needs urgent heightening. Thus, this course is very timely for respective professionals and practitioners. It will seek to develop participants’ understanding of the magnitude of biosecurity, particularly across the Caribbean region
Course Content
  • Biosecurity: Traditional & Adapted Regional Overview 
  • Multisectoral impact of biosecurity issues 
  • Identifying Biosecurity Risks/Vulnerabilities using a cross-disciplinary approach  
  • Global and Regional Case Studies of Biosecurity in Action 
  • Regional Mitigation Strategies against Biosecurity
  1. Facilitate participants’ understanding of biosecurity and its relevance in the Caribbean context with suitable case studies of biosecurity in practice. 
  1. Promote participants’ practical exploration of mitigation strategies to minimize the impacts of these activities in their day-to-day professional job execution.