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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I join the UWIAA?

Complete the UWIAA application form, which is available from UWI Office of Alumni Relations or the Chapter Office, and return the form to either office, along with the lifetime membership fee of BDS $60.00. 

Click here for more on the Alumni Association »  or download the application form »


What’s In It for Me?

Your UWIAA membership card will allow you access to a growing range of benefits.  We are in the process of revamping the membership benefits programme and will launch a new programme soon.  In the meantime, members of UWIAA Barbados can continue to access the Main Library with UWIAA card.


Who are the Officers of UWIAA Barbados?

The Constitution provides for the following offices:  President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Assistant-Secretary, Assistant-Treasurer, Public Relations Officer and two Floor Members.  Elections are held every year normally during the month of July.  The Central Executive Committee (CEC) is the overall governing body of UWIAA.  There are chapters in each of the 14 territories which support the UWI financially (the contributing countries), as well as chapters for medical, law and social sciences alumni.  The Chapters are required to present an annual report and audited financial statements to the annual CEC meeting.  The Chancellor of the UWI is President of UWIAA. See the current officers »


Where Can I Get UWI Merchandise?

The University Bookshop has a wide range of UWI memorabilia, including everything from pens, ties, UWI pins, portfolios, t-shirts, polo shirts, caps, key rings etc.  The UWI ring is available through the Office of Alumni Relations at Cave Hill. Visit the Purchase Memorabilia page »


How Do I give a Financial Contribution?

The UWI Alumni Circle and the UWI Visa card from FirstCaribbean International Bank offer two ways for alumni to make a financial contribution to their alma mater.


What is the UWI Alumni Circle?

The Alumni Circle is a giving club for the University of the West Indies Alumni and friends who are committed to ensuring that the Cave Hill Campus continues to provide a world class educational experience in an environment of excellence.  Members of the Circle pledge by Deed of Covenant to make a total contribution of a minimum of BDS $1,000 over a minimum period of three years to the Cave Hill Campus.  The Office of Alumni Relations would be pleased to provide further information about this initiative.


Is there a UWI Visa Card?

The UWI Visa Card from FirstCaribbean International Bank is another excellent way to support your alma mater.  The card is available to students, staff and alumni of UWI only.  It offers benefits for both cardholders and the University.  Cardholders will benefit from a reduced annual fee, a reduced annual percentage rate (APR), plus all the other benefits of the Visa Card.  UWI will benefit every time an account is opened or renewed and each time a UWI Visa Cardholder make a purchase. 

The funds will be used to support capital development projects at the University.  In supporting the card, you will be making a direct personal contribution to the future development and advancement of the University.  Application forms are available from any branch of FirstCaribbean International Bank, the University Bookshop and the Office of Alumni Relations.



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