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Bahamas Chapter

President: Mrs. A. Missouri Sherman-Peter
TEL: (242) 356-7166 (W)
Email: or

Mailing address:
P.O. Box CB-12914
The Bahamas

Barbados Chapter

President: Mr. Carl Farley
TEL: (246) 431-4821
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Mailing address:
St Michael


TEL: (246) 432-4000; FAX: (246) 432-4004

Vice President: Dr June Caddle

Mailing address: The University of the West Indies

Cave Hill Campus, P.O. Box 64, Bridgetown

Barbados, BB11000

Belize Chapter

President: Mr. Frederick Sandiford
TEL: (501) 222-4766 OR (501) 222-4757(ext. 268)

Mailing address:
c/o UWI Open Campus Belize

P.O. Box 229, Princess Margaret Drive
Belize City,

British Virgin Islands Chapter

President: Dr. Marcia Potter
TEL: (284) 494-6957 (T)
(284)- 496- 7420 (C)
(284)-495-2654 (H)

Mailing address:
Dr. Marcia Potter
UWI Open Campus BGI

HLSCC Campus, Paraquita Bay
PO Box 4324
British Virgin Islands

Cayman Chapter
Ms. Leanora Wynter

345- 949- 1567-(W)
345-526-5054 (C)

Mailing address:
Mr. Robert Geofroy
Head - Open Campus Cayman
c/o 168 Olympic Way PO7O2GT
Georgetwon, Grand Cayman
Cayman Islands - KY1-1107

Dominica Chapter
President: Ms. Irma Edwards
TEL: 767-449-8252 (W)
767-448-2587 (H)
767-275-6466 (C)

Mailing address:
Ms. Irma Edwards
President, Dominica Chapter
c/o UWI Open Campus Dominica

P.O. Box 82
Commonwealth of Dominica

Florida Chapter
President: Mrs. Margaret Barrett
TEL: 954-485-0444 (W)
954-383-7591 (C)

Mailing address:
Mrs. Margaret Barrett
Jamaica National Building Society
5039 N. State Road 7
Tamarac, FL 33319
Or The UWIAA Florida
P.O. Box 290595
Davie, FL 33029, USA

Grenada Chapter
President: Ms. Claudia Halley
TEL: (473) 440-2451 (UWI School of Continuing Studies) OR (473) 440-3797
FAX: (473) 440-4985

Mailing address:
Ms. Claudia Halley
President, Grenada Chapter
c/o The School of Continuing Studies
Maryshow House, PO Box 439
H.A. Blaize Street, St. Georges

Guyana Chapter
Mr. John A. Pigott

Mr. Greogry Gaskin

Jamaica Chapter
President: Mr. A Gilbert Bellamy
TEL: (876) 935-2308(W)

Mailing address:
Mr. A. Gilbert Bellamy
President, Jamaica Chapter
c/o Office of the Principal
The University of the West Indies
Mona Campus, Kingston 7


Mrs. Delmaude Ryan

Mailing address:

c/o Open Campus - Montserrat

P.O. Box 256

Manjack, Montserrat, West Indies

St. Kitts and Nevis
President: Dr. Caroline Lawrence
TEL: (869) 465-5096/7

Mailing address:
c.o Cicely Jacobs

UWI Open Campus - St. Kitts and Nevis
P.O. Box 326
St. Kitts

New York Chapter
President: Mr. Gerald White Davids

Mailing address:

President - UWIAA (New York Chapter)
767 Third Avenue, Suite 301, New York

NY 10017, USA

Saint Lucia
President: Mr. Nkrumah Lucien
TEL: (758) 452-4526 (T) OR (758) 713-5499 (C) OR (758) 450-8017 (W)

Mailing address:
Bella Rosa
C/o Gros-islet PO
St. Lucia

St. Vincent and the Grenadines
President: Mr. Randy C. Boucher
TEL: (784) 457-7184 (H)
(784) 456-1337 (W)
(784) 529-5259 (C)

Mailing address:
c/o UWI Open Campus

P.O. Box 610
Kingstown, St. Vincent

Toronto Chapter
President: Mr. Ferdinand Fortune and Mr. Michael Henville
TEL: (905) 890-3267(H) OR (416) 895-4844 (C)
Email: OR

Trinidad & Tobago Chapter
Mr. James Richardson
TEL: (868) 627-2976 (W) OR (868) 680-5219 (C)
FAX: (868) 623-4376
Email: OR

Mailing address:

c/o Campus Alumni Rep. Student Advisory Services

St. Augustine Campus

Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

United Kingdom Chapter
President: Mr. Vernon Barrett
TEL: (011) 44 776 666 4600(H)
FAX: 2070100000

Mailing address:
Mr. Vernon Barrett
President, London Chapter
6 Dunoon Road
London, SE23 3TF

Washington DC Chapter
President: Ms. Shashana Crichton
TEL: (202) 257-9475(C) or (301)-495-9663

UWI Medical Alumni (UWIMAA) Barbados Chapter
Chairman: Dr. Mike Hoyos

Mailing address:
Elcourt Clinic
Maxwell Road
Christ Church

UWI Medical Alumni (UWIMAA) Jamaica Chapter
President: Dr. Aileen Standard Glodson

Mailing address:
Dr. Aileen Standard Goldson
c/o The University Health Centre
The University of the West Indies
Mona Campus
Kingston 7

UWIAA Engineering Jamaica Chapter
Chairman: Mr. Hopeton Henry
TEL: (876) 481-4383

Mailing address:
Hopeton Heron
Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica
Fourth Floor
36 Trafalgar Rd.
Kingston 10.

UWIAA Engineering Trinidad & Tobago Chapter
President: Mr. Clyde Phillip
TEL: (868) 662-6267(W)
FAX: (868) 673-2350

Mailing address:
Eng. Clyde H. Phillip FIBE, R. Eng
President- UWIEA
Office of the Dean-Engineering
c/o The Engineering Institute
Faculty of Engineering
The University of the West Indies
St. Augustine

Office of Alumni Relations
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