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Washburn Exchange

The Cave Hill Faculty of Law partners with the Washburn School of Law to offer a summer study programme at the Cave Hill Campus.  The program uses a comparative model and takes advantage of co-teaching by the University of the West Indies and Washburn Law Faculty members.  The student body is composed of students from both the University of the West Indies and Washburn Law. Washburn students may earn six hours of academic credit; Cave Hill students may obtain three Level III credits per course.

Please note that specific courses in the summer progamme vary from year to year.  Please also note that the Faculty cannot guarantee that the programme will be offered every year, and that students should plan their timetables accordingly.
The programme curriculum utilises both traditional classroom methods and site visits to observe relevant legal institutions in action. Students have found that the opportunity to study law in the summer study programme not only enhances their legal studies, but enables them to learn about and enjoy the rich heritages of both Caribbean and American cultures and legal traditions.

Course Descriptions

Two courses are being planned for the Summer 2020 program:
  • The first course will run from May 25-June 11, 2020 (Final examination to be held on June 11, 2020). 
  • The second course will run from June 15-July 2, 2020 (Final examination to be held on July 2, 2020). 

The course names and descriptions will be uploaded to the Faculty’s website when they have been finalised.
Please note that Cave Hill students may enrol in one, or both, courses depending upon availability of spaces. Spaces are allocated in accordance with need (i.e., a student needs a single Level III Law course to graduate).  The Faculty also reserves the right to allocate spaces in accordance with the timing of the request by the student, and in light of the maximum number of students allowed under the American Bar Association rules and regulations.
Cave Hill students will pay tuition to Cave Hill at a rate to be announced. Classes meet from 9:00 am-1:10 pm, Monday through Thursday, with a thirty-minute break. There are no classes on Fridays or over the weekend.

Please see the Washburn site for further information about the Washburn School of Law and previous summer programmes: