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Faculty of Law

Law Society: President's Message

Welcome to The University of The West Indies, Faculty of Law! It is truly an accomplishment to have made it this far and you should be commended. This year is special for many reasons. Most notably, this is the first year since the inception of the COVID-19 Pandemic that all new and returning students in the Faculty of Law will commence face-to-face classes. Over the past 2 years, the Faculty of Law, and the rest of the Cave Hill Campus have conducted online classes to no detriment of the integrity of any programmes offered by the university. The University remains consistent in their administration of quality education, and the Faculty of Law leads that charge in many ways.

To the Freshers, you have been favoured enough to enjoy the genesis of your substantive legal career with many brilliant minds from all over the region.You will be given all the tools you need to develop your legal-analytical skills and excel in the way you predecessors did. The professors and lecturers in the Faculty of Law are more than adequately qualified to prepare you for your careers and you should take the opportunity to learn as much as you can from them.

I encourage you to take part in student life and immerse yourself in as much it has to offer. Use every experience as part of an extremely steep learning curve. Pay close attention to your studies, respect the process of your transition, and take nothing for granted!

To the returning students, you have known only the online environment here at the Faculty of Law. As you transition to face to face teaching, you should apply the same tenacity and dedication to your studies and make the most of what little time we have here to experience Campus life.  It will be an adjustment, but as we watched the world contort itself magnanimously amid the pandemic, we too have the capacity to do the same.

I leave you with a quote, which says, “I am a human being, nothing human can be alien to me”. Let this be a reminder to you, that if it was done before by a human being, then you, as a human being, have all the components in you, to do it. The only question is, how will you use your efforts to get it done?
Be safe, be productive and above all, be you!

Michael A.C. Patrick (Mr)
Cave Hill Law Society