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Faculty of Law

Law Society: President's Message

Dear Law Family,
It is my pleasure to welcome you all to the newly updated faculty of law website. This improvement is the first of many that you will witness and experience in the upcoming academic year. At the brink of the Cave Hill Faculty of Law’s 50th Anniversary, we celebrate, not only reaching the half a century milestone and being the first faculty established at the Cave Hill campus, but we also celebrate the hundreds of graduates that the Faculty has produced.

As a fraternity the most important resource are our members. The Law Society intends to continue to build on the tradition as the junior version of the legal fraternity. Our intention has informed our mission statement: “Fostering Camaraderie; Building Law Society Pride”.

To our newest members of the Law Society; Welcome to your LLB Journey! and Welcome to the Law Society! There are many activities planned and organized by the Law Society, and around campus with you in mind to ensure that your time here is enjoyable. I hope that you form life long friendships, immerse yourself in new cultures and discover your passions.
To our 2nd and 3rd year students, continue to strive for excellence in your studies. The new semester is an opportunity to be even better than you were last year.

Throughout your studies  remember to take occasional breaks and engage in social and holistic development with your Law Society; whether it be Monthly Mixers in the Pit, monthly Guest Lecture Series, submitting to be featured on ‘Humans of the Law Faculty’ or writing for our online blog ‘the Verdict’, or even joining the Mooting Club, the Law Society Executive has prepared a host of activities to have an exciting year.

As Semester 1 kicks off, we remember to gradually prepare for the EPIC Law Week in Semester 2!

We look forward to a productive and prosperous semester.

Ashleigh-Ann Dussard, LL.B. (Hons)
Cave Hill Law Society