Undergraduate Programme: Student Exchange
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Student Exchange Programme

A maximum of four (4) places per year are available for study at the University of Toronto under the University of Toronto/UWI Student Exchange Programme. The length of the programme is one semester and students may attend the University of Toronto in either semester. Students are required to maintain a B + average in order to be eligible for participation in the programme.

Students are expected to follow a programme comprising courses totaling 13-15 credits. These courses must be approved by the Dean, Faculty of Law at Cave Hill. No fees are payable to the University of Toronto. However students are expected to fund their own living expenses in Toronto for the semester. Such students may apply to the UWI for assistance. Students are required to pay their annual fees to the University of the West Indies as usual. Grades obtained at the University of Toronto will be taken into consideration in awarding the U.W.I. LL.B. degree.

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